Underwear That Makes You Look Bigger

What is the Best Underwear That Makes You Look Bigger? (Guide You Need to Know)

It’s not fair to say that men don’t care about what they wear. Everybody does, and this includes both men and women. But one thing is for sure though. That men are slightly sensitive about one very specific topic. And that is the size of their package. So if you’re one of them, it’s time to have a look at underwear that makes you look bigger.

The thing about men’s enhancing underwear is that only the best ones are not gimmicky and uncomfortable styles. Such as the five I’ve reviewed in this post. They have a special structured pouch. That holds your junk while also lifting it upward and outward. So if you don’t believe me, why not go through the reviews and I’ll prove you wrong!

Best Underwear That Makes You Look Bigger – Top 5 Recommendations

#5 DIQ Wear Men’s Sailor Trunk Sexy Package Enhancing Ring Underwear – Best ring underwear to make you look bigger

DIQ Wear Men's Sailor Trunk Sexy Package Enhancing Ring Underwear



The final piece is a pair of boxer brief trunks equipped with a C-ring. What this C-ring does is enhance and lift your package like no other. So, needless to say, I’m reviewing one of the best men’s packages enhancing underwear.

These undies feature air vents for keeping you comfortable and cool. They’re also very reliable in terms of providing extra support. But, to be honest, it’s the profile enhancement part that speaks volumes.

Every underwear collection should include a style like this. It’s an excellent addition because of the front pouch. It accommodates your every bit of you. And the fact that the boxer brief trunks are so comfortably tight-fitting means only one thing. That the bulge is perfect for those with average-sized endowments.

#4 GudanMens Bulge Enhancing Bikini Underwear – Best seamless underwear to make you look bigger

Gudan Mens Bulge Enhancing Bikini Underwear Low Rise Pack



Here’s another bulge booster in the form of low-rise bikini underwear. This pair of bulge-enhancing pouch underwear is constructed using highly elastic nylon and spandex. Both of which are durable too. Even the waistband is stretchy and comfortable.

What works in your favor here is the seamless technology design of the undies. There are no tags also to ruin itch-free comfort.

The backside of the underwear is just like modern sports cut briefs. Meaning full coverage is provided. Speaking of coverage, the front pouch is big enough. To accommodate and support your large endowments.

When your underwear is breathable, supportive, soft, and dries quickly, what more do you need? You demand bulge enhancement, right? The pouch of the bikini underwear works quite well. When it comes to boosting and enhancing your size down there.

A current pair is also a great option for those who do a lot of standing and squatting at work. It keeps your package pointing downward and out of the way. Even if, by chance, you end up getting randomly excited during the day! So complete discretion is guaranteed, no worries about that.

#3 Rounderbum Men’s Package Enhancing Padded Trunk – Best trunks to make you look bigger

ROunderbum Men's Package Enhancing Padded Trunk



What you’re looking at here is the ultimate big boy package appearance enhancer.  Rounderbum is a brand that designs men’s underwear. They are quite popular for dramatically enhancing the looks of your goods. The underwear features a pouch that performs dual functions. One is to lift you. And the other is to push out your prized possessions.

The padded and shaped cup brings forth a natural appearance to boost confidence. And to make you look well-endowed. Let me also bring to your notice that you can easily remove this pouch padding if you wish. This means washing it separately is not an issue.

Expect every Rounderbum creation to provide volume, support, and definition. After all, their every style features a specially designed compartment. That’s perfect for lifting your genitals. And also for adding more bulk in the area. And you know what, this is not even the best part. The most enticing aspect is that the undies contour to all shapes of the body. This means a better fit.

#2 Lapasa Men’s Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Enhancing Pouch Trunk Underwear – Best boxer briefs to make you look bigger

LAPASA Men's Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Enhancing Pouch Trunk Underwear No Fly 4 Pack M02



Let me start by raving about just how extremely soft and comfortable the materials used are. Modal here comes from European beechwood. It’s very lightweight and natural, like cotton. Plus, the fabric feels cool against the skin. And also silky and smooth to touch.

But I think you’re more concerned with the pouch design. Since bulge enhancement is a priority here! Am I right? In that case, you might appreciate the U-shaped pouch. Such a structure adds more space for your large private parts. Needless to say, the boxer briefs boost your confidence level. With regards to your “manhood” down below!

Even the seams and waistband set you up quite comfortably. Both are comfortable and durable. There’s no pulling or scratching if that’s what you’re thinking.

In my opinion, finding such a tailored fit is not easy. Lapasa has designed this bulge pouch underwear based on the physiological structure of men. This explains the 3D cut and simple yet ergonomic design.

In the end, what matters the most is that these boxer briefs wrap perfectly below your balls. And that too without elevating them too much. At the same time, they create a spacious yet comfortable and supportive pouch for the rest of you down there. The bulge looks anything but obscene if you ask me.

#1 YuKaiChen Men’s Briefs Low Rise Bikini Underwear Bulge Enhancing – Editor’s Choice

YuKaiChen Men's Bikini Underwear Bulge Bikini Briefs Low-Rise 4-Pack L



Did you ever expect underwear that makes you look bigger to come in the form of a pair of low-rise bikini? If not, then let this be your first. These bulge-enhancing low-rise bikini undies for men are everything you hoped for. And that is supportive, lightweight, moisture-wicking, soft, breathable, and comfortable.

The front pouch offers generous amounts of space for your large goods. At the same time, the front design features seams that do all the enhancing action. The pouch is also accompanied by a super-stretchy, thick, and soft elastic waistband.

As for the back design, it provides full coverage. Just like modern sports-cut briefs! On top of that, the underwear has zero tags. So you don’t have to deal with annoying issues like tag itch and chafing.

What I like the most about this pair is that its material feels so incredibly smooth against the skin. That you’re bound to appreciate the feel and fit of the underwear throughout the day. They are comfortable, no doubt. But the low-rise bikini is very breathable down there. Expect no dampness despite wearing the undies all day.

The light and airy part along with the bulge-enhancing quality make the most impact. Chances are you’ll end up purchasing several pairs of these YuKaiChenBriefs Low Rise Bikini Bulge Enhancing Underwear.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Underwear That Makes You Look Bigger


Let me make one thing very clear before I talk about anything else. Enhancing underwear for men simply enhances the appearance of your junk. Meaning it doesn’t make your size down there actually bigger, but instead only make it look bigger. So if you’re expecting any of these undies to do that for you, it’s not going to happen.

Instead, what men’s enhancing underwear does is make you feel confident about your size. Simply by providing a boost. The design is such that it lifts and pushes out your package. It doesn’t make it look bigger, mind you. It’s the push-up and lifted effect that delivers the bulge booster.

Now that you know this, let’s talk about some very important specifics.

How are the Seams of Men’s Enhancing Underwear Different?

So how can you differentiate between regular undies and those that enhance your goods? The answer to this question is very simple. Men’s enhancing underwear is designed with extra seams and stitches.

But doesn’t this invite chafing into the experience? In that case, you have to make sure these additional stitches are flat-locked. Only flatlock seams prevent the possibility of chafing. Speaking of which, even tags should be eliminated. Since they too ruin the itch-free experience!

Underwear That Makes You Look Bigger Should Also Be Breathable and Comfortable


Let’s assume you’ve found underwear that makes you look bigger. But what good is this pair if it’s not comfortable and moisture-wicking? I mean who wants to put on undies that feel cramped and damp throughout the day! Plus, when your underwear fails to wick away sweat, chafing becomes an inevitable part of the experience.

Most of this comfort and breathability stems from the fabrics used for construction. The two most satisfying materials are nylon and spandex. These two fabrics are also quite exceptional in terms of elasticity.

Make sure the underwear is lightweight and thin. As for comfort, it shouldn’t be too restricting in your manly area. You don’t want to wear undies that don’t allow you to perform daily movements without having to adjust every single time. Also, uncomfortable or tight-fitting underwear causes health problems.

Types of Underwear That Makes You Look Bigger


What types of underwear enhance the appearance of your package? In my reviews, I have shortlisted C-ring underwear and underwear with special enhancement pouches. They come in the form of bikini or mankinis, boxer briefs, and trunks.

Each style does an excellent job of boosting your profile. They’re engineered perfectly to help your goods stand out. The specially designed pouch has the capacity to compress and lift your package. And it does so in such a way that the appearance of the bulge between your legs is inevitable.

As for C-ring underwear, the ring does the task of enhancing and lifting. Then there are padded pouches also to increase the bulge. And more often than not, this padding is removable.

In no way are these designs uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. Does the underwear have a flat-front structure? If yes, then your large endowments receive the desirable bulge boost.

The Wrap-Up

The science of enhancing underwear is complicated. It’s because there are so many underwear brands that falsely claim to boost the appearance of your assets.

On top of that, there are so many options out there in the form of padded pouches, push-up briefs, etc. The list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. So the task of choosing an appropriate pair of underwear that makes you look bigger becomes even more confusing and difficult.

The best thing you can do is keep in mind one crucial factor during the buying process. As long as the underwear has a U-shape material installed into the pouch, it’s perfect for providing the bulge booster. This structure holds your package while also lifting it upward and outward. The style feels comfortable and breathable as well.

The most suitable package-enhancing solution I have for you is this. It takes the form of YuKaiChen Low Rise Bikini Bulge Enhancing Underwear. In my opinion, these undies are the best for adding that much-required boost. And that too without making it look like you’re trying very hard.

What’s more is that the pair is super-comfy and high-quality. But, more importantly, the pouch of the bulge-enhancing underwear is well-constructed. And it has the ability to accommodate your full package.

Moreover, the underwear is moisture-wicking. It feels so soft against the skin that you won’t even realize you’re wearing anything. My other half commented that he has owned and wore this specific brand for over 3 years without any complaints, and I’m happy to fully endorse it. 

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