About UndyWears

Welcome to UndyWears! We’re passionate about different kinds of underwear and lingerie, and we’re not afraid to explore this saucy part of our lives with everyone. We’ve been through the pain of finding a good resource when shopping for our undies, and our brainchild, UndyWears.com is the solution we came up for this! We provide a safe space where you can read reviews and guides on different underwear and clothing. We usually list our best selections, and also the purchase link from Amazon for the products. Using our links will not add any additional fees on your purchase, and it offsets our hosting costs. 

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Why Can You Trust Us?

We do not accept payments nor free products for any of our reviews that would require us to give them a better rating. We actually battle-test the products we review, and show how well they hold up to daily wear and tear. We consider the products from a layperson’s angle, and figure out how the average Joe would use them. We’re experienced in this field, and Kathy and Doug actually holds related jobs in this industry. (lingerie and fashion)

Who are the people behind UndyWears?

Kathy Harvey and Doug on a mountain

Hi! I’m Doug, and I help Kathy with her content sometimes. I’m also responsible to test the male-related underwear and tips when needed.


Hi! I’m Kathy Harvey, the chief editor cum chief content manager behind UndyWears.com.

We're the couple behind UndyWears.com!

"What's the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?"

Jess C. Scott
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