is underwear safe to wear under running shorts

Is underwear safe to wear under your running shorts?

It is difficult to decide whether or not to wear underwear under your running shorts. Every person has their individual choice regarding wearing garments underneath their running pants. It may be comfortable for some, while for others, it can pose problems and become troublesome. With thorough research, we evaluated certain do’s and don’ts of putting

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best underwear for fat guys

Best Underwear for Fat Guys (Plus sized underwear for Men!)

Extra fat often brings a lot of complications in our daily lives. It can be very irritating if you don’t find a proper solution to the complications created due to obesity. One among these issues is your limited wardrobe choices. A fat person constantly stays bothered about the fitting of his clothes. Your underwear does

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What to Wear Under Board Shorts

What to Wear Under Board Shorts? (How to Wear Them?)

If you’ve been around a beach recently, you’ll see most men wearing board shorts. It’s a longish and loose pair of shorts that can also act as swimwear. Since they’re loose, men often wonder what to wear under board shorts? This question has many straightforward answers. But first, you need to ask yourself – what

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Board Shorts Underwear

What is the Best Underwear to Wear Under Board Shorts?

Let’s say you’ve finally managed to buy the best board shorts out there. Now, to be honest, every board shorts demand a good companion. In the form of the best underwear to wear under board shorts! But this was not the case back in the days. There were just swimming or surfing trunks for those

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