is underwear safe to wear under running shorts

Is underwear safe to wear under your running shorts?

It is difficult to decide whether or not to wear underwear under your running shorts. Every person has their individual choice regarding wearing garments underneath their running pants. It may be comfortable for some, while for others, it can pose problems and become troublesome.

With thorough research, we evaluated certain do’s and don’ts of putting on underwear with running shorts.  

underwear under running shorts

It is a generally accepted rule not to wear undies beneath your running shorts. There is a legitimate reason for such a practice. The underwear creates an extra layer of fabric under your shorts that can form some peculiar irritation level.

The present market is teeming with numerous brands of sport shorts that have various helpful features. Most of such shorts come with an extra fixed liner that acts as the innerwear. It takes away the discomfort of wearing underwear and instead utilizes the additional coating as the undergarment.

A reliable brand of running shorts uses polyester material. Such materials ensure:

  • Exquisite stretching ability
  • Manage the dampness that starts gathering around your groin as you move
  • Avoid jock itch or chafing
  • It offers an appropriate fit to enable moving around with ease.

When it comes to sporting wear, it is more about comfort rather than appearance and fashion statement. In most cases, people choose sporting clothes based on the latest trend, one that makes them look slimmer, etc. However, it is pertinent that you want one that is appropriate for your use. 

When running or exercising, you are bound to get sweaty, damp, and chafe around your thigh due to constant rubbing. Choosing the right brand of sporting material will take care of avoiding chafing.

Thus, unless it is essentially necessary, it is best to avoid wearing anything underneath your sports shorts.

The pros and cons of putting on underwear while exercising

exercising with underwear on

Sometimes certain circumstances may require you to wear undies with your shorts. Of course, you cannot ignore it during such situations.

However, the fact remains that the wet and heated environment builds during your run and results in bacterial growth.

Such a reason is legitimate enough to put on underwear under your running shorts. It will help in trapping the dampness and sweat from seeping into your skin and lead to various skin diseases. 

If you choose to wear underwear beneath your shorts, the fabric of the item is crucial. Materials that are suitable for moisture-wicking is ideal for trapping sweat and helping you keep the groin area dry. 

Sporting underwear is ideal for sucking away the moisture when performing sweaty activities like a rigorous workout session or running. Its robust material absorbs the heat and sweat produced during such an event keeping you safe from chafing.

Nonetheless, if your running shorts come with a design material that wicks away the moisture, you can go commando underneath

Today, due to various health concerns and health-conscious lifestyles, many companies started producing well-being goods. You can find running shorts made of advanced antibacterial components. Such clothing items also employ a mixture of fabrics that are essential with wicking all crucial areas.

Location or timing where wearing underwear is necessary

As discussed, if the situation compels, there is no way out but to wear underwear under your shorts. 

It is advisable to keep an eye out on the item’s material, which can save you unnecessary chafing.

Concerning situations where you can go without underwear, it is best to wear shorts that come with an extra liner. Such liner should also have fabric that can wick off the moisture.

Essential word of advice when putting on exercise underwear

For Women

For most people, wearing undies with their running shorts is comforting. It also offers them unwavering support. So, wearing underwear with your sports shorts is fine when you are running. However, you must pick a fabric that allows your skin to breathe. It also has to be good enough to avoid annoying your skin when you perform your activities.

Underwear made with satin or lace is a massive “no.” Such materials do not absorb moisture, excessively chafe, and do not let your skin breathe. If you plan to wear underwear under your sports shorts, it is best to opt for cotton undies. Cotton undies are the best fabric to use for exercise and other workout regimes. Its features are excellent at absorbing moisture and are breathable.

The various modern faux materials manufactured today have components that ensure to keep your dry. Such products have other features like flexibility, cater to removing your body of sweat, and provide proper support.

It is also advisable to pick undies with flat seams. With thick stitching, you may risk getting chafed.

For Men

It is a little difficult for men to go without underwear under their running shorts. The nether region needs support, and to go without ample reinforcement can spell all kinds of problems. It can result in many health hazards for men. 

You can avoid harming yourself by purchasing sports shorts that have protective features. Such protective running shorts have internal underwear sections, which are ideal for providing comfort and support.

These days, you can easily find built-in-liners in most brands of running shorts. The manufacturers made sure to include a guaranteed snug fit that helps give support when exercising or running.

It is your discretion on whether to wear underwear under your running shorts. However, if you choose one that does not fit well, you are in for an uncomfortable run. Also, look out for the fabric material of the item to avoid chafing.

What type of underwear to wear with sports shorts?

It is pertinent for your well-being to choose underwear that protects you from chafing, sweat absorption, and proper fit. People suffered from potential infections, chafing, and wedgies after wearing the wrong choice of undie material. We prefer wearing briefs underneath, and the fitness instructors would beg to differ for example.

There are many online sites that avail information about the best thongs or underwear to put on when running. You can do thorough research on such sites and compare them with your choices and options.

Reading reviews and feedback from other people and experts will help you find the right item. With such information, you can weight your options for buying things that match your needs and requirements. It will also help you save money wherever necessary. 

Our site, also lists some of the best, affordable, comfortable, and health-conscious underwear brands. Going through such reviews and research will help you pick items that best suit your choice.

Why choose shorts that have built-in underwear?

Wearing undies is not a wrong choice but requires you to look out for many features. You have to make sure you only wear cotton underwear that absorbs sweat fits well to avoid discomfort, etc. You also have to look out for shorts that have similar features. That seems like a lot of work. 

When it comes to running shorts with in-built liners or underwear, your worries are singular. You will not be putting on underwear underneath your running shorts, so you only focus on choosing the right brand.

  • Avoid over-layering of fabric.

The sport shorts with in-built underwear are a single portable clothing item. Unlike wearing it with underwear underneath, that can result in too many layers. Such products have thin material and are very light. 

Without the extra underwear layer underneath your shorts, you will feel more comfortable and less bundled.

  • Built-in helps breathe better.

The material for built-in underwear absorbs moisture better and is thinner. It makes you perform your activities freely and keeps your nether regions cool the whole time. It also allows ample air to flow in and out freely, so your core temperature remains stable.

  • No riding up

The built-in underwear in the running shorts has a fixed fit. It helps avoid the fabric from riding up, which is a common problem with undies. 

With running shorts, you can stop worrying about stopping every time to adjust your undies when running or exercising. 

  • Stops chafing

One of the best advantages of wearing running shorts with built-in innerwear is to avoid chafing. According to many users, the chances of rubbing decreased when wearing running shorts with an inner liner. 

  • Absorbs moisture

Cotton briefs may be another option to wear underneath your running shorts, but it cannot absorb the moisture for long. When exercising or running for more than one or two hours, your cotton inners cannot absorb moisture for that long. 

The kind of advanced running shorts available these days possess ultra-modern material. It keeps your nether area air conditioned, drier, and avoids chafing. 

A curious underwear choice for sports: Thongs

running in thongs female

Thongs are another alternative to consider. Apart from providing the perfect airflow, they are comfortable as compared to full-coverage or conventional underwear. 

During long-distance running, thongs give ample support needed. Even when hitting the treadmill or the tracks, it supports and backs your boys down there.

Selecting the best men’s thong for exercise

For a supported, moisture-free, and comfortable run, you need to choose the right fabric. 

Microfibers are the synthetic fabric that is better than cotton. Such materials can absorb sweat from your soaking body. Additional elements like Lycra or spandex will ensure a close fit that wraps your curves. Such items deliver the best result making you feel free without constraints from the fabric.

Protecting your boys is of utmost importance, and a high-quality brand of thong can help. It is a misconception to think that wearing a thong is just for girls. In the present progressive times, both men and women are on equal grounds.

A perfect thong strikes a balance between free movement and sturdy fit. 

 When looking to purchase the perfect thong product for your needs, you need to consider the following:

  • Secure support

When on a power-pack run or workout regime, you do not want disturbance from your boys dangling around. The best solution is to invest in an innerwear that keeps everything in place.

A stable thong will fit snugly without making it feel unsteady. It is also advisable to make sure that the fit is not too tight. Over time such tight-fitting will start hurting and become uncomfortable. 

Make sure to check out the seams on the product. Thick stitching can pose a problem apart from other difficulties. 

  • Comfort

Some thong brands are so smooth and fit perfectly well that you do not realize you are wearing one. The best way to procure such a product is to keep an out for the fabric. The fabric material makes all the difference. With numerous brands manufacturing thongs with stretchable fabrics, it is easy to find one that fits your body type. 

Such a product feels silky and smooth against your skin. It should stretch enough to envelop all your curves comfortably.

  • Absorbs moisture

Regardless of the season, when you are working out, you are going to sweat. You must find a product that takes care of all your sweating and uncomfortable problems. A good moisture absorbing material will be ideal for helping you run or exercise without sweating profusely. 

A notable exclusion is for well-endowed guys as they’ll need more support down there to protect their manhood. Take a look at your choices today if you’ve been blessed with a larger member! 


It is essential to stay fit regardless of age. However, when you are doing so, it is also necessary to do it comfortably. Many people prefer to wear traditional underwear with their running shorts. It may be acceptable, but in the long run, it can pose problems for you. 

Running shorts with built-in underwear is the best option. With its many innovative features, you can rest assured that it will not be harming you. 

Whether you are a first-timer or a pro at running, it is safest to opt for sport shorts with built-in underwear. If you cannot decide which brands to choose, you can get help from reviews and feedback on various items. Such information will help you determine which products are your types, prices, and comfort level. 

Companies that manufacture such products run tests and experiments, keeping the health benefits in mind. It is no wonder that products with the right features lasts long and provides the best result.

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