How to remove poop stains or skid marks from underwear

How to Remove Poop Stains or Skid Marks from My Underwear?

When it comes to skid marks or poop stains, many people have a misconception that it happens only to children. Unfortunately, that is not true. The truth is that many adults have encountered or may experience soon. Similar to having a bad odor on your underwear, skid marks are due to excrement from your own body. 

Removing feces stains will significantly depend on the color and fabric of your underwear. Nevertheless, there are some techniques by which you can effectively remove skid marks from your underwear, thereby making them as good as new.

If you are wondering how to remove poop stains from your underwear, you are in the right place. Continue reading to know more about it.

poop stains and skid marks on female underwear

The causes of poop stains on your briefs can result from main factors, and it will vary from one person to another. Here are some potential causes of poop stains on your underwear:

  • Not wiping correctly or appropriately:

One of the leading causes of poop stains on your underwear is that you are not wiping it correctly or adequately. It is crucial for people who have soft and sticky feces. Unlike solid bowel, sticky poop does not exit fully, thereby leading us to wipe several times.    

Consequently, you will need to add more insoluble and soluble fiber in your diet if you want to get rid of your soft poop. The reason is that fibers improve the quality of your stool by increasing bacteria in the colon and adding bulk to the bowel. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, and oats contain an abundant amount of fiber. 

However, the average daily consumption of fiber between men and women will significantly differ. Typically, a man will require around 30-38 grams, while it is about 20-25 grams for women.

  • A lot of hair on your butt:

Having a lot of hair on your butt can be another potential reason why there are poop stains on your panties. It can trap the stool as it exits your rectum. As such, it will leave poop stains on your underwear as you continue with your daily activities. 

  • Excessive sweating:

When you sweat excessively, it can flow down between the butt cheeks. Hence, it can result in a poop stain on your underwear. You can avoid this issue by opting for sweat absorbing fabric. Another solution to this problem is by wearing loose panties. 

  • Sitting in the toilet for too long:

Another potential cause for poop stains on your underwear relates to spending too much time on the toilet. You should avoid taking of gadgets into the toilet as it can prolong your time. When you sit for too long in the toilet, the stool can dry up, making it difficult to get a clean wipe. Besides, it can reactivate when your body begins to sweat.

You should also note that sitting in the toilet for an extended period can increase the chance of getting hemorrhoids.

  • Internal or external hemorrhoids:

If you are suffering from this health complication, consider washing it with warm water and soap. However, the best option is to seek help from your physician.

  • Bowel or fecal incontinence:

It is a condition in which an individual cannot control the fecal movement. It can result in leakage of stool unexpectedly from the rectum. The underlying causes of fecal incontinence include diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, and nerve damage, among many others.

Is the skid mark on my underwear normal?

underwear with skid marks

The answer to this question will considerably differ from one person to another. The reason is that several factors result in skid marks on your underwear, as discussed above.  

If you are experiencing it occasionally or happen only when you use a dry tissue to wipe yourself, then it can be due to inadequate cleaning. When your poop passes out, the anus slightly protrudes and leaves stains on its inner lining. However, using only dry tissue will annoy the anus lining, thereby preventing you from wiping it properly after a bowel movement. The best way to overcome this problem is by using wet wipes or washing it with water.

However, skid marks on your underwear will not be normal if you continually keep on experiencing it. It can be due to serious underlying health conditions such as bowel inconsistency. In such cases, you should consult your doctor.

Why no matter how much I wipe, I can't get clean?

Why do I have poop stains on my underwear and how to remove them

It can be due to fecal inconsistency, which is an inability to control fecal movement. Many underlying diseases can cause fecal inconsistency, such as diarrhea, anxiety, constipation, and damage to the rectum. 

You may notice that it takes multiple wipes or cannot obtain a clean tissue no matter how much you wipe it. As such, poop stains on your underwear become an issue every day. Gradually, you may experience a large amount of accidental bowel leakage, especially during cough or sneeze.  

If you are not certain of the causes, then you should see your physician. Your doctor can help you identify the potential causes and recommend the right treatment for your fecal incontinence. It is worth noting that it can eventually lead to severe bowel incontinence if left untreated.

Sweat marks on underwear

underwear sweat marks from working out

If you have sweat marks on your underwear, then do not freak out. You are not alone; it is a universal problem that is common to many people. 

Several factors can cause your butt to sweat significantly, ranging from hot summer days to intense workout. Of course, your butt sweat does not have an unpleasant odor. However, it can be visible through your pants. Besides, sweating your butt is not only uncomfortable, but it can also contribute to the growth of germs and bacteria. This accumulation can increase the risk of developing rashes or infections on your butt.

However, you can avoid this issue by adhering to the following tips:

  • Opt for cotton or moisture-absorbing underwear:

Choosing the right type of underwear is essential if you want to keep your butt dry and cool. Cotton is a natural fabric that allows your skin to breathe, reducing the chance of excessive sweating. It is a perfect option for everyday use.

However, if you are planning to carry out some intense workouts, you should consider underwear that absorbs moisture

  • Always carry an additional pair in your bag:

Carrying an extra pair of underwear in your bag will greatly save your day if something undesirable happens. It should be your top priority if you have a night out after work or plan to hit the gym. You should note that spending a considerable amount of time on your sweaty panties can result in the accumulation of harmful germs. 

Besides, carrying an additional pair of underwear in your bag is not a massive task. You should opt for a pair of antimicrobial underwear that can prevent the growth of bacteria on your nether regions.

  • Consider a medicated body powder:

You should consider opting for a medicated body powder if your butt is itchy after the sweat. It will not only reduce the heat but also prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Besides, there are body powders that can even relieve your itchy sensation.

How to remove poop stains from your underwear?

washing underwear in cold water by hand to remove poop stains

Now that we have understood the essential aspects concerning skid marks or poop stains let us take a closer look at how to remove poop stains from your underwear. Here are some general tips and tricks on how to make your underwear as good as new:

Cold water wash:

The first step in your quest to remove poop stains from your underwear is to wash in cold water. The reason is that using warm water can bind the stain to the fabric, thereby making it worse.

For white underwear, you should consider soaking in cold water for at least ten minutes. This process can help to mitigate the potency of the stain on the fabrics. You can also apply this step even for colored fabrics. 

However, you should ensure that the items you use to soak your underwear are clean and free of debris.

Other Techniques to Remove Skid Marks from your Underwear 

Once you have completed the cold water wash, it is time for you to consider different techniques based on the color of your underwear. We have listed some of the essential tricks by which you can remove the poop stains on your underwear.

  • Try white vinegar:

According to experts, you can use white vinegar to rectify any stains that are soluble with water. You can create a solution of one tablespoon white vinegar with one-liter water. Using a spray bottle, you can spray the mixture on the poop stains and leave it for few minutes. 

Next, you should consider a machine wash. Additionally, you can use apple cider vinegar for this method.

  • Go for Vodka:

Sometimes, the poop stain may vanish but not the smell. If you encounter such a situation, then consider using vodka. You can spray vodka on the stained area and leave it for some time. However, you should not use water to wash away the vodka as it will weaken its potency. But you should leave it to evaporate.   

Another thing to keep in mind when applying this method is that you should not use any flavored vodka. 

  • Sprinkle baking soda:

If you are wondering how to remove fresh poop stains from your underwear, this trick can help you. First, you should use cool water to wash away any excess poop. Next, you should sprinkle some baking soda when your undergarment is still wet. You should then gently scrub the stained area using a soft brush.

Next, you can use a stain remover and leave it for a few minutes or whatever the instructions suggest. Then you should consider for machine wash with a little bleach. However, you should avoid the bleach if you are dealing with colored underwear or delicate materials.

  • Squeeze lemon on the stains:

Another effective trick to remove poop stains from your underwear is by using lemon. You can start this method by applying some lemon juice on the stained area. Before you throw it into the wash, you should wait for at least 30 minutes. Nonetheless, you should use this technique on dark underwear, for it will bleach the fabric.

You can also use lemon juice with other ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dishwashing detergent. These are also natural stain removers.

  • Scrape it off:

Removing poop stains or skid marks from your underwear does not have to be a challenging task. You can easily remove it just by using a few household items and chemicals. Firstly, you should scrape off any visible feces from your garment. Next, you should soak it in cold water by adding some ammonia and detergent. 

Gently rub your garment as you soak it in the water. However, if this technique does not work, you should try oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach. But you should make sure that you do not breathe in the fumes.

Normal wash and dry:

Once you have achieved a desirable result, you should consider a normal wash. It will make your underwear to return to its regular state. However, you should note that each garment comes with specific guidance for washing on the label. As such, you should take into consideration this aspect before blindly throwing it into the wash.


To sum up, having poop stains or skid marks on your underwear can be disheartening and embarrassing.  But you should note that this occurrence is normal, and it can happen to anyone.

However, if you are wondering how to remove the stains, you should consider the above-listed points. These tips and tricks have proven successful and effective when it comes to eliminating poop stains from your underwear. Nevertheless, there are some essential things that you should consider before blindly opting for a technique.

You should give importance to the material and color of your underwear. For instance, some of the mentioned tips are not suitable for colored fabrics as it involves bleaching. As such, you should be very careful when opting for a stain removing technique. If everything fails, it might be time for you to change your underwear soon!

We are optimistic that this write-up has covered all the essential aspects of poop stains or skid marks and how to remove them

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