Best Fabric for Men's Underwear

Best Fabric for Men’s Underwear (What is the Best Choice?)

Typically speaking, the fabric the underwear is made of is not a concern for most men. Ironically though, the fabric of undies is what determines the level of comfort. In fact, the best fabric for men’s underwear is also a healthy choice for your manhood down there.

As a grown man, you should be able to differentiate between a comfortable and breathable pair of underwear and one that’s just mediocre. So if you want to do that, then knowing a few basics is crucial. This involves the different types of underwear styles. And then the fabrics.

Choosing the Type of Underwear

If you find yourself picking your own underwear, it means you have reached adulthood. In that case, let’s make the undertaking much less complicated. And this can only happen if you know what style of undies works best for your particular body.

Even personal preferences matter here. Like wanting a more breathable or snug fit. Or buying underwear that delivers the most amount of support for your daily movements or workout sessions.

Keeping that in mind, here are the different men’s underwear types every grown man should know about.

  1. Briefs


Are briefs really the best underwear for men? Well, the design does consist of a traditional Y-shaped front. That offers tons of support. Along with a clean, neat fit!

To be honest, briefs are the best only if you have large thighs.

  1. Boxer Shorts


These also fall in the “traditional” category. The thing about boxer shorts is that no other type of underwear provides as much comfort, breathability, and coverage as them. However, they tend to ride and bunch up very easily. So it’s not such a pretty picture wearing them with slim-fit trousers.

But there are modern boxer shorts with a tailored cut. No doubt, this structure looks more flattering. And it works well under slimmer bottoms.

Needless to say, boxer shorts have the ability to complement all body shapes. Since they’re so comfortable and flattering!

  1. Trunks


Trunks are more recent. Even so, they’re shaped in a very simple manner. You can wear them with slim trousers. Trunks rest comfortably around the hip. They sit lower in comparison to other types of underwear. The leg length is also slightly shorter, thus cutting across your mid-thigh section. No wonder they’re perfect for skinnier legs.

Some trunks have a hipster design. This particular style sits low, which means it’s more suitable for shirts tucked-in.

  1. Boxer Briefs


“The best of both worlds” is the most appropriate way to describe boxer briefs. You get the comfort of boxer shorts and supportive fit of briefs. Boxer briefs sit around your waist. And they are a bit longer than regular briefs.

There’s no hesitancy about the universally flattering as well as the versatile design of boxer briefs. And you too are highly likely to think so if you have fuller buttocks. Some of the best underwear brands manufacture boxer briefs that offer nothing but total comfort and support.

Choosing the Best Fabric for Men’s Underwear


When picking underwear, there are three factors that make the most impact. There’s support, comfort, and breathability.

The majority of underwear brands, by default, use jersey and cotton. Since these two materials provide all the comfort, breathability, and support you demand. However, with the advancement of the textiles industry, modern fabrics have sprung into the picture. And these are quite well-known for keeping your genitalia dry and cool.

  • Cotton

Let’s start with the old classic fabric. Cotton-made underwear is naturally soft, breathable, comfortable, and also hypoallergenic. It’s the king of fabrics for underwear.

  • Jersey

Here’s another traditionally used fabric for men’s undies. It’s plenty of lightweight and soft with a very natural stretch. So the material is best for those constantly on the go.

But when choosing stretchy underwear, make sure the pair yields higher elasticity. This way your waist, hips, and man-parts receive all the support they require. At the time of both relaxing and exercising!

  • Lyocell Jersey

The modern version of the traditional jersey is lyocell jersey. It’s made using a combination of nanofiber and cotton. The nanofibers bring about smoothness. As for the cotton content, it’s responsible for the much-needed moisture absorption.

  • Silk

Now here’s yet another classic choice. However, silk undies are on the verge of becoming extinct in the market of men’s underwear. Nevertheless, you should know that silk underwear offers incredible breathability and lightness.

It’s a very delicate fabric, which means highly susceptible to wearing out quickly.

  • Mesh

No doubt, the mesh material is the go-to choice for sports-oriented activities. The fabric is highly breathable and light. Some underwear brands even make use of heat-responsive mesh material. That helps with distributing your body heat. So your pants feel cool even after a heavy cardio session.

  • Polyester

Polyester is a thin, breathable fabric that delivers great support. It certainly gives cotton tough competition.

Moreover, polyester is almost 50% thinner in comparison to cotton. So if you’re wearing tight pants or jeans, you can choose polyester underwear instead of cotton. But when you do this, you’re agreeing to let go of cotton’s excellent sweat and moisture absorbing capacity.

  • Modal

In terms of fabric softness, nothing beats modal. Mostly, boxer briefs are made of modal material. This explains why they feel so soft against the skin.

But please note that modal is not a very supportive fabric during working out.

  • Nylon

For your exercise sessions, you can go for nylon underwear. The microfibers of nylon keep you dry. No matter how profusely you’re sweating! It also has the capacity to maintain color. And this means durability is not an issue either.


So now you know what is the best fabric for men’s underwear. I mean there’s no right answer here. It all depends on what kind of lifestyle or activity you’re choosing the pair of undies for. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be cotton. The best alternative to cotton is nylon. And the third-best option is polyester.

No matter what fabric you decide to go with, keep a few underwear rules in mind. Such as clearing your underwear drawer regularly.

Sizing up yourself properly is another crucial priority. Because you can’t go about trying on underwear from one store to another. So get your accurate measurements. And then head out for underwear shopping.

Comfort is key in this case. If the underwear keeps shifting around, then go for a smaller size next time. And if the pair is cutting off blood circulation down there, then a size higher makes more sense. Size does matter. When it comes to underwear, size is the only thing that matters, truthfully speaking.

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