Types of Male Underwear

The Most Common Types of Male Underwear (What is the Best?)

The thing about underwear is that the style remains consistent. Fashion trends make an appearance and then they disappear after a while. But this doesn’t happen with the most common types of male underwear.

Briefs, boxers, trunks, and boxer briefs have always been the norm from the very beginning. And they’re not even going to get replaced by any other form of underwear anytime soon. Innovations in terms of fit and fabrics have been made. But even these don’t change the way the common underwear styles generally fit and feel.

So, in this post, what I’m going to do is discuss the ultimate men’s underwear guide. Along with answering the frequently asked question, which type of underwear is best for males?

Types of Male Underwear – An Overview


It’s important for me to break down the different types of underwear. Only then can you be able to familiarize yourself with the modern styles of today. But I’ll get to that after this. Let me first give you a brief idea about the topic.

The most classic form of men’s underwear, hands down, is the brief. It’s also the most popular. Briefs for men come in different variations and rises. And they offer complete support and full coverage. Briefs give your legs enough room to feel comfortable and move around freely.

The majority of men choose classic briefs as they deliver a more covered fit. As for the more recent low-rise fitting briefs, these provide a tighter fit. They feel closer to your body. Then there are performance briefs too. Such a design offers maximum mobility with more coverage.

Needless to say, briefs are the cornerstone of men’s underwear. The next best option is a pair of boxer briefs. This type of underwear travels further down, reaching the mid-thigh area. Boxer briefs are a favorite among men who demand more coverage down there. For workout sessions or daily wear.

There’s not much difference between boxer briefs and briefs. The former is also available in two styles. One is the longer tight version. And the other is the shorter trunk style.

Apart from briefs and boxer briefs, there are boxers. Yet another very common type of underwear for men! Boxers are perfect for casual wear or loungewear. Men who prefer a lot more freedom around their manly parts often go for boxers.

Now that I’ve painted a vague picture, let’s get down to business. But before that, one last thing…

The Most Common Types of Male Underwear

So what is the best underwear for men? There are so many styles now that it’s hard to pick which one feels the most comfortable. And to be honest, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed if you, as a grown man, don’t know the answer to that question.

It’s completely normal to raise questions like these. Because, if you don’t, you’re running the risk of wearing a pair of wrong undies. And when you do that, you’re inviting discomfort and irritation throughout the day. There’s no chance you’ll be able to focus on what you’re doing if you’re wearing the wrong style of underwear.

Unfortunately, both men and women don’t give a lot of importance to underwear. But, over the past few years, this has changed. More and more men are finding ways to make sure they buy the most comfortable and supportive underwear. And this brings into the picture the most common styles.

In that case, here are the 4 most popular types of male underwear!

#1 Boxers (The Best for Breathability)


Needless to say, boxers are loose-fitting underwear. They might not offer any amount of support. But boxers certainly deliver on breathability. In fact, they’re the most breathable form of undies for men.

A pair of boxers features this thing called “fly”. It’s like an easy exit route for times when you want to go to the bathroom. Boxers are great for casual or daily wear. And that’s because they provide a very relaxed fit. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, and even tailored formal pants.

#2 Briefs (Best Men’s Underwear)


Most men have a collection of briefs. And that’s because briefs are standard protocol. They go with almost everything you wear. And that’s not even the best part about them. The most enticing aspect is that briefs come in a broad range of rises, colors, and styles.

You can expect a pair of briefs to cover the whole pelvic area. But it leaves your upper thigh and sides of the leg exposed. Unlike boxers! Even so, briefs feel very comfortable. No matter the occasion!

But if there’s one thing briefs are so popular for, then it’s support. The kind of support briefs hands out no other form of undies does. This explains why so many men choose to wear briefs for athletic activities or workouts. The fit, in this case, is perfect for fast-paced, intense movements.

#3 Boxer Briefs (The Best of Both Worlds)


The boxer brief represents the best qualities of both briefs and boxers. The comfort of boxers and the support of briefs. Boxer briefs are structured to resemble the tapered shape of boxers but with a snug fit. Much like briefs, boxer briefs are incredibly comfortable. You can wear them all day long without feeling any sort of discomfort or irritation.

You get to wear boxer briefs when performing physical activities too. Since they reach your mid-thigh section with an average waist rise, boxer briefs are good to go with most types of fabrics.

#4 Trunks (The Best Alternative to Briefs or Boxer Briefs)


Trunks might not be a classic form of underwear, like briefs. Nevertheless, they’re very popular. And this is due to the fact that trunks resemble both boxer briefs and briefs. In fact, many men refer to boxer briefs as trunks but with shorter legs.

Trunks have a perfect square shape. They’re an ideal option for you if you love wearing briefs and want to try a different style of briefs. A pair of trunks go with all kinds of attire. Be it athletic wear or casual, everyday wear. Men’s underwear trunks are very popular for swimming too.

The Controversial Debate of Boxers vs Briefs

Now that you know the most common types of male underwear, let’s clear out the next confusion. What is the better choice between boxers and briefs?

Boxers are suitable for men who prefer more freedom and a longer length. They’re just like shorts. That makes the lower body look bigger than normal. This means you should go for boxers if your legs are thinner.

However, you cannot wear a pair of boxers during an exercise session or to the gym. Not unless the idea of a loose cannon sounds pleasant to you. At such times, what you need is a pair of well-supportive briefs.

There’s no doubt that briefs provide total support during physical movements. And they hug your body quite comfortably too. But not every guy is bound to feel this way, obviously. Even so, no other form of underwear offers support as well as briefs. Particularly not boxers!

Briefs pave the way for no mishaps or wardrobe malfunctions. Even though they don’t cover your inner thigh completely. However, briefs do open the door to chafing during movements. So it’s important to get a fit that feels both supportive and comfortable.

Types of Male Underwear Based on Body Shape

mens underwear

Underwear is an item of clothing most men wear on a daily basis. Am I right? So it’s crucial to pick the perfect pair from the huge variety of sizes and shapes. Many men base their selections on unimportant factors. Like color and print. They hardly ever take into consideration important aspects like the natural shape of their body.

Underwear should always be chosen depending on what the shape of your body is. So let’s get that cleared out too!

  • For a slimmer physique

If your physique is on the slimmer side, then it’s best to go for tighter underwear. Baggy undies are only going to make you appear to be bonier or skinnier. So trunks are a perfect choice. They’re longer in length than briefs. And, at the same time, not very tight to wear.

Also, with trunks on, your legs don’t look so thin.

  • For tall guys

If you’re tall, and I mean over six feet tall, then your safest bet is boxer briefs. Anything shorter than them, and you’ll end up looking really tall. So it’s highly advisable to cover as much of those legs as is possible with underwear.

  • For short guys

Bad news for shorter men. When buying underwear, you have to be very careful. Even normal undies might seem too lengthy. So avoid deliberately choosing longer lengths. They make you look even shorter.

In that case, briefs are your best friends. With their shorter leg length, you can flash more leg skin.


So now you know what are briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, and trunks. You also know what is the better choice between boxers and briefs. And how to choose underwear depending on your body type.

Just keep one thing in mind at the time of buying underwear. COMFORT is key. It should be your only priority. You can take into account support too if moving around or exercising is a part of your daily routine. In that case, your genitalia demands a pair of snug-fitting, highly-supportive, and even breathable pair of underwear. Like briefs!

Boxers are great for lounging around. Boxer briefs are for those who can’t give up the comfort of boxers and the support of briefs. As for trunks, they’re the best alternative to briefs. That’s about it.

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