Best Postpartum Underwear

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Underwear? (The Most Important Factors)

I’m sure it won’t feel good to stain your favorite lingerie. Especially since you will be bleeding for a while after your delivery. This happens to every new mother and it even has a name. And no, it’s not postpartum bleeding, it’s ‘lochia’.

To deal with lochia without staining your underwear, you need a few back-ups. Postpartum bleeding can be mild to heavy and it can last for up to 10 days. You may have been given disposable panties in the hospital, but they’re uncomfortable to wear at home.

You need to switch to the best postpartum underwear. They’re comfy, supportive, and airy. While child-birth may be considered a beautiful experience. The bleeding, the pain that comes after is not so beautiful. Thanks to postpartum underwear, it gets better.

Best Postpartum Underwear – Buying Guide


If you’re a new mom, I’m sure you must have heard other new moms talk about this. If not, then you’ve finally found the one. Postpartum underwear is available in different types. None of the types of wrong for anybody. It all boils down to one’s personal comfort level.

To find your ideal choice, do what other moms do. Look at the various factors you need to take into consideration. And then make your fitting, ‘can’t-wait-for-it’ decision!

1. Material


The list of materials for underwear is endless. But the ones that make it to the top are cotton, mesh, microfiber, and spandex.

Cotton is the most standard underwear material. It doesn’t stiffen, feel rough, or cause dampness. Cotton is quite breathable and soft to wear. For postpartum, you can wear full brief cotton panties.

Combined with other materials, like mesh or nylon, it keeps everything covered. Whether you have C-section stitches or heavy bleeding going on down there.

Another classy and popular choice is mesh. The first thing hospitals do when you’re done with labor is give you mesh disposable panties. It’s not supposed to be durable but it’s definitely effective.

Microfiber is an improved and lightweight choice. If you’re bleeding is super heavy and messy, microfiber has excellent absorbency. You can wear this best postpartum underwear all through the night.

Other materials like spandex, nylon, elastane are of the compressive sort. They provide extra cushioning and protection. Women with C-section or tummy sensitivity can wear these. Buy them in high-rise and you feel less conscious about how your tummy is looking in front of your partner.

2. Types


The most important thing to keep in mind is that the underwear must stick. This means it must keep everything inside. Be it a super-thick pad to control the bleeding or C-section padding.

And trust me; hospitals will only give you so much. Even if you ask them for extras, you will have to buy some on your own. Ask an OB-GYN and this is what she’ll tell you about postpartum underwear.

Full briefs are not right up there but they’re supportive. Mostly mid-rise, they cover your tummy and offer to cushion. If you’re worried about your tummy situation after childbirth, this is what you need to cover it.

Disposables are made up of mesh but they’re super helpful. Most high-quality disposable postpartum underwear comes with pads. So the postpartum pads are stitched right in there. You wear them once and throw them away after you’re done. This means less laundry to do!

It’s best to wear disposables during the first week postpartum. You never know how much you’ll bleed, so it’s best to stay safe.

The waistband expands to fit your hips. It doesn’t pinch your hips to fit the waistband. Even if it comes without a pad, it accommodates maxi pads easily. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

I want to talk about high-rise and compression underwear. Both of these choices are dedicated to tummy cinchers. Not that they don’t help postpartum bleeding. It’s just that they are worn for appearance’s sake only.

Women conscious about their postpartum belly may want to wear these. Being high-rise, they flatten the tummy but not as strongly as girdles. They’re supportive and not constricting. Best to be worn after a week or so of wearing disposable panties. That’s when the bleeding might reduce a bit for you to switch to standard pads.


Final Thoughts

Postpartum underwear is on the rise.  It’s a simpler and savory choice to have a more positive postpartum experience. Some new moms bleed for weeks after childbirth. And no matter how you see it, wearing normal panties is not good enough.

Postpartum underwear is specially designed for this. The feedback speaks for itself. It’s supportive, soft, and airy. You can expect the underwear to prevent staining or messiness.

The best postpartum underwear is your personal choice. So you can worry a little less in the day. And sleep a little more soundly at night. There are many reasons why you may choose postpartum underwear. This article explains how to go about it and why.


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