Best Underwear for Jock Itch

The Best Underwear for Jock Itch You Need to Know About (Top 7 Reviews)

It’s about time you got to the bottom of this! Nobody wants to feel itchy or damp down there! Least of all you when you’ve got so much to do. What you need to stop worrying about jock itch is the best underwear for jock itch.

There are plenty of reasons to buy the best underwear for jock itch. Around 7 exciting and incredible underwear choices. And you’re still sticking to wearing underwear that constantly gives you rashes? Don’t do this to yourself. Rather, do this.

Best Underwear for Jock Itch – Top 7 Choices for Men

You need a material that prevents sweat and improves breathability. That dries quickly even during exercising. That doesn’t stick to your skin or feel too tight in the pouch. Lastly, a material that prevents and/or eliminates odor to save you from reeking of sweat.

It’s not just the odor you need to keep at bay. It’s the stickiness and swampiness that comes from sweat. As you know, it increases body temperature. So you’re at a higher risk of developing skin rashes, jock itch, and other bacterial infections.

Below, you have 7 expert choices to pick from. Some made of Lenzing Modal, cotton, bamboo, and polyester. Take your ideal underwear home and not just an affordable one!

Champion Performance Cotton Regular Leg Boxer Briefs#7Cotton, Polyester, Spandex3
CLEVEDAUR Underwear Modal Boxer Briefs#6Lenzing Modal, Spandex3
Cariloha Bamboo Underwear#5Viscose Bamboo, Spandex4
Eyushijia Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs#4Bamboo, Spandex4
Fruit Of The Loom Breathable Underwear#3Cotton, Polyester, Spandex3
Adidas Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear#2Polyester, Spandex2
ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief#1 – Editor’s ChoiceMesh, Nylon, Spandex1

#7 Champion Performance Cotton Regular Leg Boxer Briefs – Best lightweight underwear for jock itch

Champion Men's 3-Pack Performance Cotton Regular Leg Boxer Briefs, Assorted Color, Large


The seams are not itchy or stiff.

Comfortable and stretchy waistband.

Stays cool and quick-drying.


The material does pill after several washes.

Want a regular pair of underwear that’s quick-drying and breathable? You’ve gotta get the Champion Performance Cotton Boxer Briefs. It contains more cotton than polyester and spandex.

Everything about this underwear is movement. It’s free, stretchy, and comfortable. The moisture-wicking fabric doesn’t roll up or curve inwards. It’s the best underwear for jock itch as it is a boxer brief.

You can wear good-fitting jeans over them. The material is thin and airy enough to spend time in. Someone who understands jock itch well knows why this quality is important. This underwear recognizes the need for breathability.

Hence, the feeling the cotton blend gives is everything! The boxer briefs move with you. Your crotch won’t feel suffocated or stuffy. You can wear them for work, casual outings, or exercise. They’re more breathable than plain cotton underwear. Thanks to the smooth seams and vapor technology. 

There are times when the material feels delicate. Especially after you wash them in a washing machine. I recommend hand-washing them to prolong shelf life.

#6 CLEVEDAUR Underwear Modal Boxer Briefs – Best breathable underwear for jock itch

CLEVEDAUR Men's Underwear 6 Inches Modal Mens Boxer Briefs (Pack of 3)


The Lenzing Modal fabric is superior in quality.

No side or backs seams touch.

Breathable, lightweight, and soft.


The fit is not tight enough.

The leg fabric might ride/roll-up.

The CLEVEDAUR Modal Underwear has many perks. It poses as the most intimate and comfortable underwear for men. Each pack containing 3 pairs, it’s soft, smooth, and durable.

The term ‘modal’ means that it is made of unique fabric. This fabric is softer and more breathable than standard materials. Including cotton, spandex, bamboo, etc.

But what this also means is that the modal fabric offers movement and flexibility. The fit is supportive and firm. It stresses less on adding weight to the crotch. In fact, the 3D pouch feels less congested than others.

If that’s not reason enough to buy this best underwear for jock itch. You must know that the front is seamless as the back. So it wraps around your waist rather than pushes against it. This is one of the reasons why jock itch is still a problem in common underwear. There’s just not enough mobility is them. Well, all that’s about to change.

The pouch allows a lot of space which does increase comfort. But this underwear is not tight at all. So the material might ride up your groin if you move a lot.

#5 Cariloha Bamboo Underwear – Best odor-control underwear for jock itch

Cariloha Men's Crazy Soft Boxer Briefs With Fly - (Steel Blue, L)


Odor-control, allergy-resistant, and breathable.

It retains its shape and elasticity after washing.


You may get a ‘wedgie’ every morning.

One can experience jock itch due to sereval reasons. Starting with excessive sweating which could lead to skin rashes and bacterial infections. And the last place you’d want a skin infection is down there!

What you need is something naturally breathable and healing. Cariloha Bamboo Underwear is therapeutic and soothing. The viscose-derived bamboo fabric is odor and allergy-resistant. Not only that, it maintains a healthy body temperature. And prevents sweating around the crotch.

This underwear has 95% viscose bamboo and 5% spandex. The little spandex that it consists of is super supportive. It sits well on your skin and breathes well. You could be wearing multiple outer layers or plain pajamas at home. This underwear doesn’t disappoint.

The fly avoids over-stretching or excessive pulling of the waistband. And the stretchy fabric prevents beads or pills or scrapings. The underwear retains its original shape after every wash. The elasticity is on point and impressive.

Viscose bamboo is comfortable, lightweight, and firm. And this best underwear for jock itch feels just as superior and ‘high-end’. So what are you waiting for?

Do you want to sleep in them? Well, they may give you a ‘wedgie’ every morning. The underwear contains no heavy spandex or cotton. The fabric doesn’t stick to the skin either. So as you change sleeping positions, they may ride up.

#4 Eyushijia Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs – Best dry underwear for jock itch

	 Eyushijia Men's 4 Pack Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs (M/32-34 Inches, C)


The material is soft and flexible.

You can wear them at night.

It wicks away moisture and prevents odor.


The material lacks durability.

It may lose its shape after several washes.

Another one of bamboo’s greatest finds is the Eyushijia Comfortable Boxer Briefs. Its natural fiber is silky, smooth, and super comfortable. It rivals even Lenzing modal and cotton materials. Made from renewable resources, it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly brand.

The pouch has a breathable mesh construction. This may sound uncomfortable or itchy. But it has the complete opposite effect. As soon as you wash them for the first time, the fabric literally melts. But in a good way!

The stitching and waistband are impressive. The band sits on your skin rather than rubs against it. The stitching is flexible yet firm. So it feels tight without squishing your sensitive areas.

As for the durability, you just know these are going to last long. You can replace all your cotton undies with this one. It’s the best underwear for jock itch. It keeps odor, itchiness, and sweating at bay. You can run in them, squat, or lounge in them.

Bamboo is a hard sell. It’s because they lose shape after a while. So if you’re expecting to wash these every day, then I suggest you go for cotton or spandex underwear.

#3 Fruit Of The Loom Breathable Underwear – Best micro-mesh underwear for jock itch

Fruit of the Loom Men's Breathable Underwear, Micro Mesh - Assorted Color - Boxer Brief, Large


It contours your crotch without chafing.

The cotton and spandex offer space and contour.


No flap on the crotch.

The only time you want “holes” in your underwear is now. The Fruit of the Loom Breathable Underwear has holes! All owing to the fact that cotton, polyester, and spandex make a micro-mesh quality.

You heard it right! This underwear feels like mesh but it’s made of cotton predominantly. This means less stuffiness and (much less) sweating. The mid-rise waistband is flexible is equipped with a fly.

The micro-mesh holes are only good for increasing ventilation. Making it the best underwear for jock itch, skin infections, and rashes. The back of the band has no tag or labels sticking out. You don’t need to twist or bend the fabric to put it on. It’s a touch-and-go type of thing.

I’m probably not saying this enough. But this underwear is good for medical conditions as well. You know when you need to put some cream or ointment on your skin. This underwear promises better breathability and protection. So there’s nothing to feel insecure about.

There is one problem though. The crotch doesn’t have a flap. If it did, it would make peeing a lot easier. You wouldn’t have to pull down the waistband each time you go to the bathroom.

#2 Adidas Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear – Best athletic underwear for jock itch

adidas Men's Sport Performance Boxer Briefs Underwear (2 Pack), Night Indigo/Light Onix Light Onix/Night Indigo, MEDIUM


It doesn’t give you a ‘wedgie’.

Non-chafing, moisture-wicking, and soft.


Do not machine wash them.

As we’re getting close to the top pick, the Adidas Climalite Underwear is the runner-up! Made up of polyester and spandex. It possesses the natural breathability of polyester. And the body contouring and elasticity of spandex.

These are ‘climate control’ boxer briefs. Well, they don’t control the climate of the world (wouldn’t that be easy!). But they do control the climate of what’s going on inside your underwear.

This means maintaining a cool and dry environment. Preventing sweating, chafing, and skin irritation. It keeps your form and the shape of your groin smooth and firm. Though it’s polyester and spandex, it doesn’t contain bleach. So washing it won’t lose its quality.

Truth be told; this underwear fits like a second skin. The lining, stitching, and seams accommodate everything. Perfectly natural and supportive enough for exercise. You don’t need anything else.

It’s better to hand-wash this underwear than machine washes them. The material is sensitive and the waistband may shrink or roll-up.

#1 ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief – Editor’s ChoiceExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, Curfew, Medium


Great for absorbing sweat and drying quickly.

The mesh fabric improves ventilation.


You can’t machine wash this underwear at all.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go isn’t just an excellent brand name. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking for something foolproof and supportive. If you want consistency in material and comfort. This is what you should get.

It doesn’t feel heavy after exercise. It doesn’t trap sweat or moisture in an uncomfortable manner. The little things that make underwear comfortable. Well, let’s just say that this ‘Give-N-Go’ boxer brief knows it.

That’s why the diamond meshes fabric. The odor-resistant quality to maximum breathability. The versatile style choices from fly-less to underwear with a fly. The lightweight and flexible fit allows maximum movement without chafing.

Not to forget, the Silvadur odor-eliminating technology. It keeps your skin dry, cool, and alive! As it also assists intense and explosive movements while working out.

Lazy users might not like this underwear. Though it dries quickly, washing them often can cause pilling. The material can also lose its shape and form due to over-washing.

Best Underwear for Jock Itch – Buying Guide


Jock itch is a minor but noticeable skin fungal infection. Mainly, it pops up on the skin of men’s inner thighs, genitals (ouch, right!?), and butt. If you’ve got a reddish and ring-shaped type of inflammation on your skin. It’s most likely that you’ve got jock itch.

Living in humid cities or working out a lot without adequate breathability. These are the most common reasons for jock itch. Athletes who wear tight underwear and sweat a lot throughout the day. Men who wear tight underwear and sleep. For as long as you keep that area dry and clean, you’re good! 

You don’t have to be an athlete to get a piece of the pie! There are many types of underwear for men with jock itch. While you can skip wearing underwear altogether at home. You can’t go commando in the gym or at work. So what do you do then?

You wear the best boxer briefs to prevent jock itch. So you’d stay cool, dry, and comfortable all day long.

We know that jock itch stems from fungus caused by humidity, moisture, or sweating. More than that, this fungus grows in warmth. So if you’re keeping your crotch all bundled up, expect the heat to build up there as well.

Imagine all this happening on your body’s most sensitive region. It isn’t a pretty picture, right? Even the littlest of discomforts such as irritation, itchiness, or burning is bad. A good way to reverse jock itch is with the correct pair of underwear. And here’s what you need to know.

Soft Material


It’s the material of underwear that comes into your skin’s contact. Nothing else. So if it’s the material that’s rubbing against your skin causing rashes. You need to throw that underwear out immediately.

A good, naturally-breathable material would be bamboo. It has a soothing and soft lining. It won’t feel rough or stiff between your leg’s upper thigh muscles. For jock itch, it’s the most soothing solution. Not to forget, it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Cotton, spandex, and polyester blends are also commendable. They do well to prevent odor and eliminate moisture. It’s the same with bamboo; they are quick to dry, wick away moisture, and never pill up.

 If the boxer brief is comfortable and lightweight, it’s the right material for you.

Long-Lasting Breathability


Moisture is the number one enemy here. You generally want a more comforting and soft material. But nothing that attracts more moisture. Hence, attracting the very jock itch you’d been wanting to prevent.

You can a material that allows air to get in to dry up a sweat quickly. So you can wear underwear while working out or sleeping. Especially helpful when you’re a hot sleeper.

Materials more suited to drying up a sweat quickly are polyester and cotton blends. Modern brands have micro-mesh patterns in cotton and polyester fabrics. This is essential for preventing and treating jock itch.

Reduced Tightness


It’s completely understandable to want to wear something tight. If it’s too loose, it might cause itchiness or interference in your movements.  But anything that’s extremely tight or skin-tight is a complete NO for jock itch.

You don’t want the material to constantly rub against your skin. How will the sweat dry off then? It also causes more friction between your thighs and around your crotch.

The best underwear for jock itch has a balanced form. It doesn’t rub against your skin or man parts. It gives enough room for mobility and plenty of ventilation. So it’s not too tight nor is it too loose.  



If all you want to do is keep your private parts fresh and dry. You’ve got to treat your junk correctly, am I right? And the best approach is to invest in good underwear. You never know the root cause of your jock itch could be bad underwear.

And if that is, any amounts of antifungal cream or baby powder isn’t going to help. What you need is a soft, dry, and comfortable pair of underwear. It won’t irritate your skin or get in between your legs. It won’t ride up or curve inwards. Most especially, it won’t sweat.

It’s time to get rid of the “swampiness.” And if you have jock itch you know what that means. It’s disgusting, uncomfortable, and unhygienic.

The one pick that suits all is ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief. These boxer briefs cradle your legs without rubbing against your skin. The fiber has both odor-eliminating and moisture-wicking qualities. The kind that won’t invite sweat or moisture.


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