Cotton vs Polyester Underwear

Cotton vs Polyester Underwear (What is The Best Choice?)

The comparison of cotton vs polyester underwear is more like natural fabric underwear vs man-made fabric underwear. The former, in both cases, is the most comfortable and lightweight. There are no two ways about that. So does this mean the latter is an inferior choice?

It’s time to find out below.

Cotton vs Polyester Underwear – Everything You Need to Know


It’s not as easy as picking one fabric over another. There are many factors involved when it comes to underwear.

Are you a fitness enthusiast? I mean do physical activities matter in your day-to-day life? If yes, then such an active lifestyle demands underwear that keeps you comfortable, cool and dry down there.

In that case, two options stand out the most. And they are polyester and cotton. No wonder the debate of cotton vs polyester is so popular.Especially in the category of athletic underwear for men!

So let’s find out everything there is to know about both natural cotton and synthetic polyester.

  • Cotton


It’s the most common type of fabric for all kinds of men’s underwear. Cotton is natural fiber; the most suitable for an active lifestyle. It’s highly breathable, no doubt. Plus, cotton has exceptional hypoallergenic properties. So it doesn’t cause irritation in the most sensitive areas. This comes in handy at the time of working out.

On top of that, when the fabric is so breathable, it decides against trapping bacteria. And even sweat down there.

However, cotton does offer a few drawbacks. Pure cotton provides absolutely no amount of stretch. So this, obviously, poses a problem when performing constant movements.

The solution here is buying underwear designed using a cotton and lycra or rayon blend. This way you get to make the most of the comfort and breathability of the cotton. Along with the stretch-ability of lycra and rayon.

Another downside is that cotton fabric has a highly absorbent nature. So you’re less likely to stay dry. In case your private parts happen to break a sweat during training, or otherwise! Cotton underwear is also the prime choice of underwear for women, as the organic fabric prevents allergies and absorbs leaks well!

  • Polyester


The thing about synthetic fabrics like polyester is that they’re very popular. And that’s because polyester has the power to withstand tough athletic movements. The stretch this synthetic material offers allows the underwear to move with you. No matter what type of exercise or movement you’re performing!

Moreover, polyester underwear wicks away moisture and sweat. Unlike cotton that absorbs it all and stays that way. So you can expect your area down there to be comfortable and dry. And since moisture is kept at bay, you know what happens? The chances of fungus or other such embarrassing concerns developing are almost eliminated.

But it’s only natural to assume that the synthetic fabric has a negative side too. And that is the use of petroleum byproducts. The manufacturing process of polyester causes just enough pollution. But there are eco-friendly versions of synthetic materials as well.

So if you’re really keen on buying polyester, then do your research. Otherwise, choose cotton to avoid harming the environment. In any small or large-scale manner!

The ultimate goal to keep in mind is to prioritize comfort and support. Whether picking cotton or polyester! If either one gets compromised, don’t expect to be able to move around freely. At the time of working out or just going about your busy day.

Now that I have discussed the cotton vs polyester underwear comparison. Let’s move on to a few other commonly asked questions about men’s underwear.

The Truth About Wearing Underwear

Can I wear the same underwear for two days?


In terms of health, it’s okay to wear the same pair of undies for two days consecutively. Now, this is good news for most men. And even for women, as a matter of fact. Because changing underwear on a daily basis means more laundry to do.

As long as your underwear is clean, they’re good to go for another day. And by clean, I mean not marked with number one or two. In fact, health-wise, a single pair of underwear you can wear for many days. Provided that it is clean!

Look for any skin rashes or sores when repeating the same underwear for the next day. But my advice to you would be to not over-stretch the stay. Because that increases the chances of developing an infection. So a maximum of 2 days seems like a healthier choice. Then move on to a fresh pair.

You want your genitalia to be fresh, clean, and dry. And not smelly. At the same time, changing underwear every day or every other day eliminates the possibility of chafing as well.

Does underwear fabric really matter?


The short answer is YES. When it comes to undies, the fabric they’re made of can either make or break the whole deal. After all, genital problems like jock itch are not pleasant to have to deal with. So it’s very important that you choose comfortable and breathable fabrics. That wick away sweat and moisture. To reduce the likelihood of developing an infection.

I have already talked about the comparison of cotton vs polyester underwear. The former is plenty comfortable and breathable. But it lacks moisture-wicking properties. In fact, cotton is a very absorbent material. So it absorbs all the sweat and doesn’t get rid of it.

As for polyester, it eliminates most of the moisture and sweat. Plus, this synthetic fabric also allows you to move around freely. Thanks to the stretch it brings to the table.

There’s no denying that polyester provides more comfort and support. At least for athletic activities! But it’s cotton that ranks as the best men’s underwear fabric.

Should I buy briefs or boxers?


Let’s keep comfort and style aside for a second. The comparison here revolves around the health of your penis. Does the fit of briefs or boxers have any impact on the production of sperm? I mean to do either increase or decrease the chances of you being able to conceive?

Now let me tell you that sperm production depends on the temperature of your scrotum. Are your testicles tightly packed, meaning toasty and warm? If so, then the temperature is high. So it’s probably a good idea to keep away from such tight-fitting underwear. Unless you’re not interested in making babies.

So it all depends on you whether you want to wear snug-fitting, supportive briefs or comfortable and breathable boxers.

Final Words

So it’s not so hard to decide between cotton and polyester when it comes to underwear. You simply have to pick one depending on what your day looks like. Are you an athletic person that is always on the go? And is going to the gym or exercising a part of your daily routine? If yes, then I would suggest you choose polyester.

Otherwise, for the average man, nothing beats the comfort and breathability of white cotton undies.

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