Bad odor in your underwear? How to remove odor and bad smell from underwear

How To Get Odor Out of Your Underwear?

Always smelling something funky down there? We are the modern-day generation who like to move fast, get into action, and get things done independently. And while we are at it, we want to smell fresh as a daisy and be at our charming best. But, sometimes, everything doesn’t work the way we want to.

One thing that nobody talks about is smelly underwear! Yes, you read it right; we are speaking about the most sensitive topic we all hesitate to discuss even with our BFF. 

Washing your underwear and its maintenance is a different task altogether. When we put our clothes in the washing machine, we expect everything to smell great and fresh. Sometimes, even after doing so, some of us may land ourselves with washed underwear with a distinctive smell that we might not be proud of. If you happen to be one of us, we are here to say we understand!

The issue with smelly underwear is you are unsure whether it’s only you!!!

So, we are here to talk about some of the ways to get rid of the odor out of your underwear and never be embarrassed again!

Before you get started with your regular washing rituals, make sure that you screen your underwear first. Check your underwear frequently and figure out how it looks, feels, and whether it has any distinctive smell. The moment you figure out that something is wrong with the odor, it’s definitely time to get into some action.

Add baking soda and vinegar to remove the stink

Baking soda has been the age-old solution to smelly garments. No one wants to put on underwear that reek of odor even after going through a thorough wash. Our suggestion is to stock up on baking soda as much as you can from the supermarket rather than getting it bit by bit. Buying in bulk is an apparent economical way to save up and make this a part of your regular wash cycle. It will help you save up and stocked up all the time, but you will never have to be stuck with smelly pants again!

Adding white vinegar will help you neutralize or get rid of the urine smell in your pants. You can even use vinegar in place of your regular fabric softener if you decide to make this method a regular part of your washing ritual. It can be challenging to rinse the clothes properly by adding a new product to your wash water. We suggest that you consider vinegar to not only get the odor out but also unlock any trapped stank.

Heat up your washing cycles

We understand that washing your clothes in cold water is economical and can help you save your bills, but it will never help you to wear good smelling underpants! If wearing fresh-smelling undies is in your priority list, then please use warm or hot water instead. You may separate the urine-soaked garments, run an extra load in hot water, and run the rest of the pack in cold water if you want to cut down on your bills.

Go for an intense wash and clean. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get rid of the odor out of your underwear. All you need to do is go for the highest possible setting and wash your underwear as often as possible. Also, closely monitor the way you dry your underwear. Bacteria generally breed over cold temperatures or in a damp environment. Hence, dry your underwear as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Use Lemon Or ammonia with Lemon

You can add lemon-scented ammonia to your wash in case you want to get rid of the smell of poop from your underwear. Even plain ammonia will work in case the former is not available. Do not mix this with bleach. You can use this with your regular detergent.

Lemon is acidic and can help fight against odor due to bacteria entrapment. Squeeze some lemon juice in warm water and soak your undies naturally before the big washing machine wash. This can help eliminate the smell and give you a good chance of getting almost new underwear in return!

A good detergent is a no brainer choice. It is undoubtedly the secret weapon behind right smelling clothes. Use a cleanser that exclusively uses organic ingredients, which helps you steer clear from any chemical issues that might otherwise be harmful. 

Follow the instructions on the garment label

Following the instructions on the label of whatever you are using is one of the most apparent way to steer clear of odor. Try to avoid excessively long washes and high temperatures to protect your underwear from wear and tear. Plan conservatively, and you will never have to be sorry. 

You might end up washing your underwear more than usual if you are trying to get rid of the odor. Do not forget to invest in delicate laundry zip bags to ensure that your underwear is safe during these washes and do not get mixed with the other clothes. This ensures that your underwear is washed efficiently.

Keep your privates clean and healthy

Go for more checkups under the belt if you're always bothered by junk stink

Sure, washing underwear with every possible magical solution is okay as long as you keep yourself clean and maintain the best possible hygiene. Clean yourself regularly. Also, ensure that you shave or trim your privates regularly. A lot of times, moisture gets trapped even if you towel dry yourself after washes, which in turn ends up being a breeding playground for bacteria. 

Smelly underwear is not only limited to hygiene. Bodily fluids can be trying to send you a message regarding underlying health issues. In case you notice something weird or not healthy, head to the gynecologist or doctor immediately. The odor in your underwear might not be limited to just trapped moisture, and might mean something more ominous for men or women.


It is indeed possible to wear clean underwear and smell great at the same time! With all these tips and tricks at hand, we are sure that these will help you smell great. Remember, any underwear should be changed from time to time as they wear down rapidly, especially if you’re bigger in size down there. Get a new pair before it’s too late!

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