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How to Choose the Best Large Penis Underwear? (The Most Useful Tips)

Those that are not well-endowed down there wish they were. And men that actually are wish they knew how to buy the best large penis underwear. This article caters to the latter. Meaning men who have a big package but don’t understand how to choose the right kind of underwear for their large goods.

The majority of underwear for men is created for the masses. That means designed for guys with an average-sized penis. So if you don’t fall in that particular category. Then chances are you’re not wearing the correct type of underwear.

That said, you’re very likely to be dealing with overstuffing, thus discomfort. And more often than not, this also leads to a visible bulge down below. But it’s not supposed to be this way, meaning you can avoid it. And here’s how to do that.

But before I get into anything, allow me to answer a very commonly asked question…

What is the Average Size of Penis?


No need to underestimate the size of your penis. You might think it’s small when it’s actually average-sized. Here’s how you can determine the correct, real answer. All you have to do is take a look at your naked crotch in front of the mirror. And use a measure tape.

Measure your penis, starting from the base till the tip. The average size of a flaccid penis is 3.75 inches, which is 9 centimeters. And when erect, it’s between 5 and 7 inches. That is between 13 and 18 centimeters.

Best Large Penis Underwear Styles


#1 Stretch elastane material briefs

Briefs are the most comfortable underwear for men. And the thing about stretch briefs is that they’re super comfortable.

The blend of materials often includes spandex and cotton. You can expect your manhood to sit comfortably. Thanks to the stretchy fit that expands to accommodate your large package. Instead of squishing it and causing discomfort.

#2 Powerstretch, low-rise briefs

Not all briefs have the same rise or waistband, right? In that case, you should go for low-rise undies. Especially if you have large goods to support and conceal. There’s no denying that the combination of low-rise and power stretch provides more depth and comfort.

Your manly bits get enough space, irrespective of the size of your penis. On top of that, you can wear this type of underwear with formal and casual clothing for all-day comfort.


#3 Pouch underwear

Here’s the perfect answer to how to pick the right underwear for well-endowed men? A roomy pair of undies is your most comfortable option. And more room comes in the form of a separate pouch.

What the pouch does is keeps your package safe and secure inside. This is very useful for men with a busy and active lifestyle. This explains why underwear with pouch support is such a popular and effective choice for gym and exercise too.

#4 Mini boxers

This underwear style is the smaller version of regular boxers for men. The mini form is specially constructed for guys with a larger penis. It’s quite ironic I know.

These types of boxers offer enough room for keeping your package in place. That means no squishing or squeezing into your underwear anymore.

Choosing the Best Large Penis Underwear – Factors Involved

Briefs vs. Boxers – What Is Better as Large Penis Underwear?


This comparison or debate between briefs and boxers is a very old one. Both sides offer compelling reasons, no doubt. And that explains why the confusion still exists.

The beauty of boxers is that they offer a more relaxed fit. At the same time, they allow greater mobility for your legs. But there’s no denying that loose-fitting boxers don’t prevent wedgies.

That said, briefs are the best for support and structure. The modern designs feature a more contoured shape. That provides a better fit in the front. So your assets don’t look flat nor do they bulge out in a more obvious manner.

So the moral of the story is that briefs are a better choice for well-endowed men. But if just lounging is what you’re going to be doing all day. Then you might as well do it in a pair of boxers.

Size Matters


Every men’s underwear guide states that common underwear problems are inevitable if you wear a size that’s either too small or too big. Regardless of whether you have a large penis or not.

If the bands around the legs feel too constricted. It means you should size up. And if these bands are very loose, you have to size down. The goal is to put on undies that fit like a glove.

Those stuck between two sizes need to go for the smaller option. Keep in mind that waistbands are made using elastic. And elastic tends to stretch out over time. So it’s only natural for the slightly tighter waistband to loosen up after a few wears. But if you’re feeling pinched, then opt for the larger size.

Support is Crucial When Working Out


When exercising, chafing is an important concern. So to prevent chafing, you should wear undies that offer more leg coverage. That means there’s no skin to skin contact between your thighs when running, biking, etc.

Now for those with a large penis, support is even more crucial. This explains why most workout underwear for men is equipped with compression. Along with a separate pouch for a more comfortable fit and greater support.

Then comes the question of what underwear fabric is the best for a workout? Go for moisture-wicking, breathable, stretchy, functional materials. Such as a combination of different fabrics like bamboo, spandex, cotton, nylon, and polyester.


Putting on underwear is something men do on a daily basis. It’s like waking up and brushing your teeth, right? So if underwear is a garment your wear every single day. Then why not put some thought into buying it. Particularly if you have a large package!

The greater part of the male population is wearing the wrong style, fit, or size of underwear. It’s only recently that online discussions and reviews have started to change that. More and more men are becoming aware of what the problem is.

So if you are well-endowed down there, then you cannot buy undies at random. Or even the commercial styles out there. Because all of these are designed for average size penises. Just make sure factors like stretch, support, comfort, and having a pouch are a part of the process.


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