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Best Men’s Thong Swimwear (Discover G-strings for men!)

While going for a dive at the beach, or simply taking a dip in your backyard swimming pool, you want to be wearing something casual and free. You don’t have to look too far. Some of the best men’s thong swimwear is easily available at affordable prices. You just need help in choosing which ones are the best for you. This article aims at making your decision making easier by listing down some of the best quality men’s swimwear that could be as limited as a thong. 

We all know that jeans are the answer to your style questions throughout the year. They give you the look and feel of a groomed, stylish personality but what would you do in places where wearing jeans isn’t possible, or just too tough? You need something just as classy, attractive, and comfortable like a pair of swimming thongs.

Summer is the time when you wish to be carefree, in body and mind. So make sure you chose the right outfit for when you wish to visit a beach or your swimming pool. The goal should be to look for something comfortable, durable, and just sexy enough to force people to look at you a second time. A thong or G-string comes in mind!

Even if you are one of those people who rarely get the chance to go to a beach, you could still wear a comfortable swimwear at home while roaming around aimlessly. There are plenty of options if you are looking, and we will help make the choice simpler. If you’re still wondering about men wearing thongs, check out our detailed article here!

We start by listing some of the things that you should look for while trying to choose which men thong is the best one for you.

Our Best Selections if You're In A Hurry

Jack Adams Men's Bikini Thong, Orange, Small
Arjen Kroos Men Thong Bikini Tagless Underwear
sandbank Men's Sexy Low Rise Mesh Thong Swim Briefs (Asian Tag M Waist:29"-30", Black #1)
Jack Adams Men's Bikini Thong, Orange, Small
Arjen Kroos Men Thong Bikini Tagless Underwear
sandbank Men's Sexy Low Rise Mesh Thong Swim Briefs (Asian Tag M Waist:29"-30", Black #1)
Jack Adams Men's Bikini Thong, Orange, Small
Jack Adams Men's Bikini Thong, Orange, Small
Arjen Kroos Men Thong Bikini Tagless Underwear
Arjen Kroos Men Thong Bikini Tagless Underwear
sandbank Men's Sexy Low Rise Mesh Thong Swim Briefs (Asian Tag M Waist:29"-30", Black #1)
sandbank Men's Sexy Low Rise Mesh Thong Swim Briefs (Asian Tag M Waist:29"-30", Black #1)

Length of the Thong

The size of your swim thong is important, not just for the look, but for your comfort too. For most people, the most comfortable ones are which are about 3 inches above the knee. It covers just enough and leaves just enough to get air as well. You don’t want the length to be too short to make you feel worried about revealing your private parts, and you also don’t want the length to be long enough to make the suit flappy. 

Size is a category that could be different for different people, depending upon the size of everything that goes in underneath the swimsuit, but as a general rule, it is safe to assume that the size of your suit should be enough to reach just about 3 inches above the knee.

Waist Measurement

Once you’ve figured out what length you need, the next step is to choose what waist size goes best with your physique. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a length and assuming that the waist size will be in accordance. People with the same height may have very different weights and waist size. So you have to take a measurement and choose your size accordingly. It is also important to keep in mind what sort of trend your weight is following and where you expect to be in a few weeks. Maybe elastic bands are your thing, that would reduce your waist worries, but most people don’t make that choice. 

You could also choose a snap closure, but in that case, you will have to ensure it isn’t too tight so that you get the breathing space necessary. The perfect size around the waist will give you great comfort and the feeling of being confident. It doesn’t matter if you have abs or not. If your swimming thong isn’t too loose or too tight around the waist, you will look natural and normal given giving you less worry about your outlook.

The Stylish Look

Now that you have a perfect size, you have to choose what style suits you. You can make choices regarding color, pattern, shades, and outlook. You know best what colors you like and what colors suit you. Choose them. If you’re good with solid colors, go for them. If you like a striped thong, good for you. 

The point is, there are lots of options available and you can choose any one of them according to your taste. If you choose a print, there’s a risk there you have to be spot on with what you like. Should it be checkered, or striped, or rainbow colors? 

It’s up to you, just be sure you go with what makes you feel better. Even a plain, solid color isn’t a bad choice. For many people, it’s a symbol of composure and decency so definitely try to check that out as well.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, here are some of the best men’s swimsuit thongs that we found after detailed surveys and try-outs.

Speedy Swimsuit Powerflex - Best Athletic Look Thong Swimsuit

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Brief PowerFlex Eco Solar
  • Block the Burn: UPF 50+ protection blocks up to 98% of the sun's harmful rays
  • Superior chlorine resistant
  • Front and back liner
  • Inside draw cord for adjustability
  • Machine wash safe
  • Ships in an eco-friendly box
  • Might ride up on the thighs

The Speedy Swimsuit Poweflex knows just what you want. If you are ready to get rid of your suit and tie, Powerflex is what you need. It comes in many different colors and sizes and is a perfect choice if you wish to wear something that is comfortable and looks hot too. It supports easy to hand wash making it easy to wear again. The materials it is made up of are mostly nylon yarn which is strong, durable, and easy to wash.

Arjen Kroos Men’s Thong - Luxurious Feel Man Thong Swimwear

  • Stretchy, soft-touch
  • Pinch-free leg-openings
  • Some complaints about size being small

This is one of the most favored thongs for luxury wear among guys of all ages. Its versatility makes it the first choice of most people. Suitable for wear at the beach, a bar, or your backyard swimming pool. It comes coupled with a snap closure and side pockets too. Most swimwear doesn’t come with side pockets, so that gives an added advantage. The general look is that of summer shorts, but the material has all the features of a swimsuit, especially with the quick-drying fabric.

Jack Adam’s Bikini Thong - Best Supportive Mankini

Jack Adams Men's Bikini Thong, Orange, Small
  • Breathable fabric- feels cool and dry
  • Flat seams reduce unwanted rubbing
  • Layered elastic waistband with self-covered fabric
  • Low rise
  • High-cut leg
  • Comfort
  • Color Palette
  • Feels cool and dry
  • No complaints so far

The Jack Adam thong has been designed with support in mind. It’s important to be able to keep your private parts floating in a comfortable position. This thong will make sure you feel comfortable and confident that everything is in the right place. It has been made from neat and pleasant cotton-modal fabric. This allows for elasticity and a low rise fit. This piece of cloth is ideal to get a sexy look like wearing a c-ring underwear while you go out diving and that added advantage of comfort makes it an appealing garment for all.

Gary Madjell Sports Thong - Contour fit Thong for Maximum Support

Gary Majdell Sport Mens Liquid Turq Metallic Hot Body Thong Swimsuit Small
  • EYE CATCHING: This new hot sexy mens swimsuit thong will surely have you turning heads. Perfect for swimming, beach, tanning or just hanging by the pool.
  • PACKAGE ENHANCING: This unlined bikini thong is made with a specially designed contour front pouch that will surely get you the attention you deserve. Features a "Y" back that narrows to half an inch (1.5 cm) for a hot sexy look that is still not too revealing.
  • COMFORTABLE: This lightweight quick drying fabric allows you to move freely and feel comfortbale, so you can enjoy swimming or other activities.
  • COLORS: Available in a variety of colors in print, shiny or liquid quick drying tricot. You'll surely find a color to match your personal style!
  • SIZES & OPTIONS: Available in Small to X-Large. Click on "Gary Majdell Sport" to view our entire collection of high-quality swimwear and other products!
  • Easy wash and dry
  • Sexy look
  • Inconsistent sizes reported by some customers

The unlined Gary Madjell thong has been designed with a contour front pouch made especially for comfort as well as to please the eye. A unique standout feature is the “Y” back that narrows to half an inch (1.5 cm) that makes for a look that hides just enough but also makes it visually pleasing and appealing. 

There are 5 sizes available which means you have plenty of options to choose from. The shiny outlook will get many heads turning your way. It is lightweight and dries quickly making it feasible for multiple uses, and for casual use other than just going for swimming or at the beach. 

Sandbank Men’s Low-rise Mesh Thong - Swimming Thong with Extra Ventilation

sandbank Men's Sexy Low Rise Mesh Thong Swim Briefs (Asian Tag M Waist:29"-30", Black #1)
  • Material : nylon + spandex .Please kindly check your waistline and order the correct size for fitting
  • Enticing front coverage and a thong back,low rise cut,drawstaring closure,quick dry,no see through when wet
  • Comfy and soft material,pouch design offer your good support
  • This super sexy thong bathing suit great for swimming,surfing,boating,sailing,beach volleyball,beach wear,etc...
  • Machine / Hand washable,Don't bleach
  • Sexy look that covers just enough, yet leaves very little to the imagination
  • Comfortable for multi-use
  • Strings reported being weak

This well-designed lace thong has a very modern and artistic aura about it. The material perfectly wraps around all the private parts but just leaving enough bulge to keep things interesting. The curves and contours are exhibited just the right amount to make for great viewing. To go with that the garment is also very comfortable and has a low rise beneath the waistband. 

It’s one of those must-have garments that should be a part of your wardrobe to keep enough variety and modernity. Many thongs get see-through when wet, this one doesn’t. so you have your dignity intact even when you are wet. They also have strings to tie to adjust the tightness of the thongs.

Gary Madjell Solid pouch Bikini - Swimming Thong with Extra Ventilation

Gary Majdell Sport Mens Solid Black Contour Pouch Bikini Swimsuit Size Large
  • EYE-CATCHING: This new hot sexy mens countour pouch bikini swimsuit will surely have you turning heads and get you some extra attention
  • PACKAGE ENHANCING: This bikini is made with a specially designed comfortable contouring front pouch that will surely get you the attention and comfort you deserve.
  • FEATURES: This swimsuit has a full front lining and is constructed with a 1 inch elastic waistband with 4 needle stitching for unrivaled comfort, security and support. Perfect for swimwear, beach and pool parties, or tanning and competitive swimming.
  • COLORS: Available in a variety of colors in print, shiny or liquid tricot. You'll surely find a color to match your personal style!
  • SIZES & OPTIONS: Available in Small to X-Large. Click on "Gary Majdell Sport" to view our entire collection of high-quality swimwear and other products!
  • Catchy, attractive look
  • Multiple colors and shapes allow for multi-use
  • Pouch small for those having a large junk

This is the latest in Gary Madjell’s collection and introduces a new sexy look for men with a solid contour pouch that is certain to get you a little extra attention. The contour pouch makes it more comfortable to wear than many of the other thongs out there. The pouch not only makes for great viewing it also adds greatly to the overall comfort level. 

The thong has a lining across the front and a waistband the rides low providing the right amount of support. It also comes in a variety of colors, making it a good choice to wear at beach parties, pool parties, and casual swimming. Its only downside is that it’s not suitable for those who have a large manhood, as it only fits standard-sized men.

Brave Person Men’s Low rise G-string - G-string disguised as a Swimming Thong

BRAVE PERSON Men's Sexy Thong Underwear Low Rise Bikini T-Back G-String (XL, Blue)
  • 80% polyamide 20%spandex.
  • Small:27"-30"; Medium: 30"-32"; Large: 32"-34"; X-Large: 34"-36"
  • High Quality! Soft to touch, lightweight and super stretchy. Tag-free for comfort.
  • Low rise, falls below the natural waistline. Each item individually packed.
  • Perfect Swimwear! Underwear you can wear every day!
  • Unique look and design
  • Small package, some customers reported their private parts falling out
  • Might get sweaty

The new G-string thong by Brave Person ranks pretty high on our list of erotic underwear. We all love displaying a little naughtiness from time to time and this G-string is just the right piece of clothes that will have the ladies (and gents) giving you a second look. This is a stylish leather thong for men with a trimmed waistband that keeps the piece in a position to allow free movement while swimming, walking, or running. 

If you wear this to your beach party, you’ll have people staring at you, front and back. It comes with a low rise and manages to fall below the waistline, right beneath the navel. It is comfortable enough to be worn at home as well and roam around in your living room.

Arjen Kroos Men’s Leather G-String - Luxury Leather G-String for the Sexy Touch

Arjen Kroos Men's Sexy Leather G-String Thong Underwear,Ak8042-black,Large
  • Sexy low rise men thong underwear
  • Small/26.0-28.3 inch; Medium/28.0-30.3 inch; Large/29.9-32.3 inch; X-Large/31.9-34.6 inch; XX-Large/33.9-37.0 inch.
  • Asian size,will be smaller than usual.We suggest you select 1-2 size up than your normal size.
  • Stretchy leather material and soft touch
  • Tagless design
  • Perfect fit
  • Stretchable
  • Might carry odor and sweatiness feeling

The Arjen Kroos leather g-string has a bulge pouch to make your junk look bigger than it is. So if you are one of those people who like showing their parts, or if you are around those who like seeing them, this is the right part for you. The leather material keeps it well in place around that waist with a low rise. The stretchable material makes it fit people of different sizes. It certainly has the potential to attract a few glances with the enhanced look it gives you.

Kiniki Tan through Swim Thong - Feel like you're not wearing anything!

  • Allows tanning
  • Comfort
  • Might feel too revealing for a shy guy

When it comes to tan through material, this one tops our list. You can wear it to keep your private parts hidden from the naked eye, but the sun will still reach your parts to give you a cool tan. The Kiniki thongs were favorites of people for a long time and there was a high demand to make a tan through garment, on which they delivered perfectly. The cotton material also makes it comfortable. It comes with a very supportive front panel that makes the wear even more nicer.

Arjen Kroos Men’s Low-rise pouch underwear - Best low-rise G-string with Pouch

Arjen Kroos Men's Jockstrap Thong Underwear G-String Bulge Pouch T Back,Wolf,Large/29.1-31.9 inch
  • Thin and lightweight material,ultra soft and high elastic,bring you a premium wearing experience.
  • Novelty men underwears with vivid animal printing add more fun and charms on you.
  • Bulge pouch and low rise cut,better to show your masculine profile.
  • Classic men thong cut with tagless design,bring you all day comfort.
  • Sexy men g-string thongs are suitable for daily wear.It will be also a wonderful choice in some special moments,like dating night,wedding night,valentine's day.
  • Soft material
  • Stretchy
  • Size issues reported by some people

Arjen Kroos has long been the pioneer when it comes to design undergarments. Their low-rise pouch underwear does just that, attracts more people by providing a comfortable experience. The vibrant colors and designs serves the purpose of eye candy when needed. There is even one design with a leopard staring right at the viewer. The material is soft and stretchy to allow for people of all sizes to ear comfortably. 

man in swimming pool with thongs

In conclusion, we have you covered for your summer outings to the beach. A rich list of best serving Men’s Thong swimwear is at your disposal making your choice extremely easy. Just visit the links attached in the article and choose whichever one suits you best. Male swimwear gone through a long history, and a thong swimwear is always the evergreen choice.

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