Best Men's Underwear for Ball Support

Discovery 10 Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support (2020 Review)

Call them your boys, your manly parts, your nuts, your double O to your 7, your jewels, etc. You can name your testicles whatever you wish. But the fact remains unchanged that they demand support. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or playing sports. So this article talks about the best men’s underwear for ball support.

Think of the time when you’re just lounging in your boxers or you decide to go commando. At such times, you can really feel and tell the difference, can’t you? There’s a lot of airflow and freedom, no doubt. But is there any form of support or protection? Nope, definitely not. I mean you obviously cannot perform any physical movements. It’s just too uncomfortable.

So the most effective way to prevent your balls from being an easy target. Or from twisting is to make sure your undies deliver ball support. This type of underwear holds your testicles firmly. So there’s no swinging or bouncing action. Plus, the extra space is perfect for welcoming all the airflow and freedom you demand down there.

Now let’s get down to business, shall we?

Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support – Top 10 Choices

Separatec Athletic Boxer Briefs Dual Pouch Underwear#10Polyamide, SpandexDual Pouch
Calvin Klein Underwear Air FX Micro Trunks#9Nylon, ElastaneSingle Pouch
NEIKU Ride Up Boxer Briefs Trunks Underwear#8Polyester, SpandexSingle Pouch
CLEVEDAUR Underwear Modal Boxer Briefs#7Modal, Spandex3D Pouch
Adidas Men’s Athletic Stretch Brief#6Cotton, Polyester, SpandexMesh Pouch
2UNDR Swing Shift Trunk Boxers Underwear#5Beechwood Fiber, ModalSingle Pouch
Under Armour Original Series 6-inch Boxerjock#4Polyester, ElastaneSingle Pouch
Zonabailon Bulge Ball Pouch Short Leg Boxer Briefs#3Nylon, SpandexBulge Pouch
Champion Men’s Tech Performance Boxer Brief#2Polyester, SpandexMesh Pouch
SHEATH Men’s Underwear with Dual Pouch 4.0 Boxer Briefs#1 – Editor’s ChoiceModal, Spandex, ElastaneDual Pouch

#10 Separatec Athletic Boxer Briefs Dual Pouch Underwear – Best patented underwear

Separatec Men's Athletic Fast Dry and Cool Mesh 9.5


The mesh offers incredible breathability.

High-end and durable construction.


The vertical vents can feel slightly uncomfortable.

Consider the Separatec Athletic Underwear as essentials. It has a dual pouch fit made up of lightweight but firm fabrics. The fabric is quick to dry and has a special moisture-wicking quality. Thanks to the polyamide blend which is a modern underwear fabric.

It guides you to everything you need down there. The material has compression but not the squeezing or limiting kind. Your crotch won’t look wound up under tight clothing or sportswear. Nor will it compress the size and shape of your penis.

What it does is it allows you to slip your junk back while working. And air it out nicely when it gets hot and sweaty. The seams are quite flexible and firm. So you don’t have to worry about the threads coming loose or feeling flimsy.

The Separatec strikes a perfect balance between quality and performance. You can forget constantly adjusting yourself down there. No more stickiness, itchiness, or chafing.

#9 Calvin Klein Underwear Air FX Micro Trunks – Best low-rise underwear

	 Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Air FX Micro Low Rise Trunks, Brilliant Red, Medium


Premium-quality underwear with structured support.

The seams are firm and supportive.

No skin irritation, chafing or squeezing.


The length of the legs is a little shorter.

Like Under Armour, you don’t need a serious reason to buy Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein’s underwear is common or gardens variety today. Most men have one or two or more types of Calvin Klein underwear. You must have seen the posters and heard all about it.

So what about these micro trunks low-rise underwear? If you want something that feels like boxer briefs but fits like trunks, this is it. It lets you stay comfortable and relaxed all throughout the day. In terms of value, these trunks are great.

The quality if superb and moves towards better support for the long term. The Nylon and Elastane fabric is easy to maintain, wash, and prolong. It’s super supportive for men with muscular thighs. The elastic waistband is secure and thick-skinned. So it won’t roll down or ride up or bend.

That’s the worse, isn’t it? For the waistband to curve around the sides, it really does mess everything else up. Even if the rest of the underwear fits great, the waistband can ruin it all for you. Thankfully, that’s not the case for this underwear. It’s truly the best men’s underwear for ball support.

#8 NEIKU Ride Up Boxer Briefs Trunks Underwear – Best compression underwear

NEIKU Men's Long Leg Underwear Sexy Boxer Briefs with Pouch Low Rise Undies 4 Pack L


No ride-up or excessive sweating issues.

Low-rise boxer briefs with plenty of crotch support.


The front pouch offers extra size compression.

The NEIKU Boxer Briefs Underwear is a special one. These are comfortable, supportive, and durable. But what they are also is super fun to wear. Available in exciting colors and prints, you won’t get enough of these.

The picture may not show it but the fit and style are amazing. The polyester and spandex fabric blend offers excellent support. It has a seamless and firm quality. The kind that feels soft and smooth to the touch both from inside and out.

The fabric may look clingy but it’s not. It has a quick-drying fabric and keeps everything cool inside. There’s a slight stretch to this fabric which is good for the movement. It encourages a better hip posture when you stand or sit. So there’s nothing about this best men’s underwear for ball support that seems lacking.

The pouch in front does compress a bit but snugly. If you’re looking for bulging underwear that you could show off in. This underwear is not it.

#7 CLEVEDAUR Underwear Modal Boxer Briefs – Best moisture-wicking underwear

CLEVEDAUR Men's Underwear 6 Inches Modal Mens Boxer Briefs Open Fly, (Pack of 3) Black/Black/Black, L


Soft, smooth, and comfortable material.

The 3D pouch support is incredible.


The waistband rolls and bends after a few washes.

The CLEVEDAUR Underwear has a 3D pouch with extra crotch support. Making it an ideal choice for home use, office wear, and travel. It has a wide crotch with a tagless back. Back seams that feel supportive but don’t bite. And flatlock construction that’s anti-chafing and odorless.

 If you’re looking for anything that gives you plenty of ball support. This is what you need to buy right away. Its fit and feel are excellent. The feel is honestly like cotton but the fit is much better than cotton. It’s tight but it doesn’t squeeze anything. And that’s the perfect kind of fit.

The reason why this is the best men’s underwear for ball support is the structure. The Lenzing Modal and Spandex give you stuff support. Around the crotch, which has anti-chafing seams, the 3D pouch is supportive. It has a slight enhancing quality for men who’d like that!

The only drawback is that the elastic waistband lacks durability. It stretches itself out more than a few times. Especially if you plan on wearing it all day and throwing it in the washing machine.

#6 Adidas Men’s Athletic Stretch Brief – Best high-quality underwear

adidas Men's Athletic Stretch Brief Underwear (3-Pack), Heather Grey Bold Blue Heather Grey, SMALL


Perfect for muscular legs.

Stretchable, secure, and supportive fabric.


The pouch is slightly confining.

The Adidas Athletic Stretch Brief has cotton and polyester. So it’s shiny, soft, and stretchable. It is an athletic stretch brief for men. So it protects your area more than you think it does. In fact, it offers support more than plain cotton does.

Combined with spandex and polyester, this underwear has incredible stretch. The soft edges, secure waistband, and firm stitching leave no stone unturned. It supports from all the sides including from the bottom, sides, and front.

The fabric has moisture-wicking and odor-free properties. Enough that even if you’re soaking in sweat, the fabric won’t stick to your skin in an uncomfortable way. It’s because of underwear like this that sweat is not an enemy anymore.

It gives you incredible support in your crotch. For sitting, standing, walking, running, or lifting. You will notice a difference right away in how you move and position yourself. In fact, you won’t be conscious at all after knowing that this underwear slightly lifts and supports you.

#5 2UNDR Swing Shift Trunk Boxers Underwear – Best anti-chafing underwear

2UNDR Mens Swing Shift 3


The flatlock seam is thick and flexible.

The modal fabric offers excellent breathability.


The waistband is wider than normal.

The 2UNDR Swing Shift is an expensive but a “totally-worth-it” choice. It runs large so it has a flexible and comfortable fit. The waistband is secure and stays put. The fabric doesn’t rub your skin the wrong way. And it also reduces skin-to-skin contact to prevent chafing.

In my opinion, there’s no way this underwear isn’t the best men’s underwear for ball support. It pairs better with most of your outfits. The pouch and front fly are specific to providing crotch support. So everything inside stays firm and protected from outside.

There’s no pilling of the fabric nor is there any lingering odor. It allows hot air, moisture, and humidity to escape from your crotch. All those things are uncomfortable to deal with as it is. So the last thing you want is to deal with it down there.

#4 Under Armour Original Series 6-inch Boxerjock – Best comfortable underwear

Under Armour Men's Original Series 6-inch Boxerjock Boxer Briefs, White (101)/Black, XXX-Large


They fit well and stay on.

The 4-way stretch improves mobility.

Odor-free, breathable, and well-insulated.


The tag is located at an awkward spot at the back.

You don’t need a serious reason to buy Under Armour underwear. If you have basic underwear at home, you’re missing out on this. This best men’s underwear for ball support is scientific. When I say ‘scientific’ I mean it’s expertly designed to stay comfortable.

But for the best men’s underwear for ball support, comfort isn’t everything! You need a strategic construction down that’s not too loose or tight. Thanks to this BoxerJock fit, this underwear has everything.

It feels light and smooth on the skin. The fabric has anti-odor properties. And even though the fabric and waistband have a 4-way stretch, it’s super firm and stays put.

The pros of this underwear is that it comes with a comfortable and supportive front fly. The fit is snug, offers slight compression, and feels healthy. Creating a safe zone for men who have a larger-than-average sized penis.

The material doesn’t trap odor or sweat or heat. It’s soft, breathable, and light. But it does lack, though, is a tagless back. You have to remove the tag, on your own, once it gets there. But be careful though, you don’t want to tear the fabric of the waistband.

#3 Zonabailon Bulge Ball Pouch Short Leg Boxer Briefs – Best enhancing underwear

Mens Underwear Sexy Bulge Ball Pouch Ice Slik Short Leg Boxer Briefs Underpants Pack


The fabric is smooth, shiny, and breathable.

Complete crotch support and coverage from all sides.


The fit is tighter than most other picks.

The Zonabailon Bulge Boxer Briefs has a smooth and soft fabric. But what leaves you more impressed is how supportive and flexible it is. All the same, it has a separate pouch that not only offers ball support but it enhances. So for men looking for something flattering to wear, this is it.

It is supposed to enhance average or less-than-average sized penises. So you stay confident wherever you go. These are low-rise boxer briefs so no chafing, no rolling up, or sliding down of the fabric.

The fabric is lightweight and breathable from all sides. So it cradles the skin rather than pushes up against it. Especially in the front where that should never happen. This is great underwear for daily use, even for swimming. The fabric is comfy, silky, and shiny. So it not only fits good, it looks great.

As for the most important concern, it doesn’t sweat like crazy. Nor will you as the fabric stays cool and dry and airy all the time. Especially the pouch which offers incredible ball support. There’s no chafing, itchiness, or squeezing.

The only problem though is that the size runs small. So if you’re large, I’d recommend buying a size up to save yourself the trouble.

#2 Champion Men’s Tech Performance Boxer Brief – Best athletic underwear

Champion Men's Tech Performance Boxer Brief, Grey, Small


Easy to wash and no odor.

They stay comfortable and last long.


The legs ride up for tall men.

If someone were handing out awards for the best performance in men’s underwear. With a shadow of a doubt, the award would go to Champion Tech Performance Boxer Brief. Featuring a single mesh and contoured pouch for extra support.

Compared to the top winners, this is the best men’s underwear for ball support. You will have in your possession underwear that stays as good as new for a very, very long time. The material is satisfying not only in fit but in style as well.

The length of the waistband and leg are practical. Practical in the sense that they are suitable for most men’s sizes. You could consider this underwear a safe bet. They go with skinny-slim jeans, formal wear, and board shorts.

They dry up fairly quickly if you were to wear it on a beach. The fabric blend is rather more summer-friendly than other synthetic fabrics. Moreover, there’s no odor clinging the fabric even after you’ve worn it a couple of times.

If you’re taller than average, the legs might feel a little too short for you. Especially if you wear it during exercise or yoga, the fabric stretches and rolls up very often.

#1 SHEATH Men’s Underwear with Dual Pouch 4.0 Boxer Briefs – Editor’s Choice

Sheath Men's Underwear with Dual Pouch 4.0 Boxer Briefs (Blue/Red, Medium)


The dual pouch construction is secure.

It offers incredible support and durability.

The waistband doesn’t ride up or roll down.


The fabric isn’t very stretchable.

The legs sometimes ride up.

Ever worn underwear that promises no rolls, no crowding, no chafing? Well, the Sheath Underwear does. It has not one but two pouches in its crotch. And it fits perfectly like a boxer brief. Made of Micro Modal and Elastane fabrics, it’s breathable and durable.

The separation of the genital parts keeps the fabric cool and comfortable. It reduces groin sweat and you know what happens when you sweat down there, right? Everything sticks and feels icky and slimy and itchy.

Thanks to this underwear and its dual pouch arrangement, there’s support. Your genitals have plenty of room and cushioning. It doesn’t fit like other boxer briefs that compress everything together. In fact, with individual support, it stays dry and airy.

The material also supports body movements with the waist down. So the no-roll waistband is firm, smooth, and easy to put on. The only problem, still and all is with flexibility. While it does allow body movement, the fabric doesn’t have enough stretch.

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support


Factors to Take into Account When Choosing the Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support

You can’t just put on any underwear. After all, the health of your “manhood” is at stake here. And especially if you want ball support, you have to make sure certain criteria are met.

1. Pouch Contour


To be honest, you don’t have to be well-endowed to wear underwear built with a contoured pouch. The thing about the exaggerated pouch is that it places your penis and testicles in their respective compartments. And these compartments feature reinforced seams at the side for preventing any spill-outs.

Pouch contours also keep scenarios like sticky thighs and uncomfortable clacking at bay. So you get to move with ease. And even sweat without worrying about anything.

I would also advise you to pick underwear with extra fabric wrapped around the crotch region. Also, go for a pair with seams installed at its groin. Along with an indentation in the area where your manly bits are going to sit.

2. Compression


Needless to say, when you keep your package closer to the body and centralize it, everything is alright. Meaning your testicles are not in danger anymore. More freedom always welcomes accidental squeezing or sitting on them. But not with compression underwear.

What compression does is provide extra tightness. So your undies don’t slide or roll-up. Irrespective of whether you’re just chilling on your couch or are active. In that case, what are compression fabrics? These include bamboo viscose, cotton, or nylon blended with spandex. Such a combination makes the underwear feel both firm and soft against your hips and junk.

Just keep in mind that spandex delivers great compression. So the more the percentage of spandex used, the tighter the compression. Make sure you choose the right amount of and comfortable compression for your crotch.

3. Breathability


The best ball supporting boxer briefs or any other type of underwear are not just about compartmentalizing your man bits. The experience should also be about comfort. And nothing is more uncomfortable than a swamp crotch. When there’s no breathability, the chances of developing jock itch are also pretty high.

So underwear that gets rid of moisture and sweat easily is a must. So what materials have the power to do that? Fabrics like nylon, polyester, and mesh. Nylon scores top marks in terms of breathability. Mesh also activates airflow when the situation gets sweaty down there. And as for polyester, its moisture-wicking properties are very useful for keeping you dry.

What About the Best Men’s Underwear for Ball Support for Sagging Testicles?


Nothing is embarrassing or shameful about dealing with sagging testicles. Every man has to face this truth once he enters his senior years of life. So if you want to buy the best men’s underwear for ball support for your saggy package, then here’s the scoop on that.

With women, breasts are prone to sagging during old age. And with men, it’s their testicles. The process in both cases is very natural. So there’s nothing to worry about. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. No matter how old you are!

This is where testicle pouch underwear comes into the picture. Undies built with a highly supportive pouch have the ability to keep your sagging junk upright and firm. A specific kind of men’s underwear, the boxer briefs are especially useful for ball support.

Ball hammock underwear, just like the ones I’ve reviewed in this post, hand out the best support. One that is comfortable, gentle, and cooling all at once. This, in no way, compares to standard underwear that simply squishes your parts together.

There’s no doubt or denying that the most effective non-surgical solution to scrotal sag is supported. All the support you can get! And what better way to bring in that support than by wearing the best men’s underwear for ball support. Go for tight and high if you demand extra support. Otherwise, you should be quite comfortable with light and low support.

The End Note

So now every time you’re headed for your daily run or routine, make sure to put on the best men’s underwear for ball support. Ditch the jockstrap guys!

Let’s face the truth here. Your legs perform all the movements. This means anything dangling between them is just going to get in the way. And wearing jockstraps does prevent this from happening. But they’re outdated undergarments now. The modern version of men’s underwear with support pouch is the SHEATH Men’s Underwear with Dual Pouch 4.0 Boxer Briefs.

It’s also the best underwear for men in the sense that you can wear it on a daily basis. Factors like support, comfort, and breathability are well taken care of. The undies are specifically designed for supporting your package, the whole package. They also enhance your busy, active lifestyle. Simply by allowing you to move with complete freedom and airflow!

Please note that this article (like all men’s related posts) are co-created and tested with my other half, Doug. You can read more about us here too!


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    1. Hi – I usually have my partner, Doug test out the male underwear. We don’t really have an empirical way (read: scales and gauges) of determining the compression strength, but rather go by feel and some extended wearing to figure out that. We’ve recently finished writing an article about compression underwear, and we’re pushing it out tomorrow 🙂 .
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