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The Best Underwear for Swimming for Men (Top 5 Reviews in 2020)

One thing you should know about the best underwear for swimming is that it’s form-fitting. And not in an uncomfortable manner. Think of this type of underwear as a pair of super-comfortable, supportive compression shorts. It comes with a stretchy elastic waistband. That sits comfortably around your waist without digging into your skin or rolling down.

Many men are now wearing just this kind of underwear for swimming. Maybe not professional athletes but the common man. After all, the undies are specifically designed for swimming, or to wear under boardshorts.

So in this article, I’m going to review the top 5 underwear you can pair up with your swimming shorts. And some can be worn just alone too.

The Best Underwear for Swimming – Comparison Table and Reviews

Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro Tech Compression Short Navy-MEDDry Dudz Men's Hydro Tech Compression Short Navy-MED#5Compression shortsPolyester, lycra
#4Compression boxer briefsNylon, lycra spandex
COOFANDY Mens Quick Dry Lightweight Square Leg Cut Trunks Swimwear, Large, 1 – BlackCOOFANDY Mens Quick Dry Lightweight Square Leg Cut Trunks Swimwear, Large, 1 - Black#3Swimming trunksNylon, spandex
Niksa Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs for Men Pack, Anti-Chafing, Moisture-Wicking Underwear, Comfortable Breathable, 3-Pack BlackNiksa Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs for Men Pack, Anti-Chafing, Moisture-Wicking Underwear, Comfortable Breathable, 3-Pack Black#2Athletic boxer briefsNylon, spandex
Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance+ Solid Navy, 30Speedo Men's Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance+ Solid Navy, 30#1 – Editor’s ChoiceSwimsuitPolyester, PBT

#5 Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro-Tech Compression Short – Best compression shorts for swimwear and sportswear

Dry Dudz Men's Hydro Tech Compression Short Navy-MED


4-way stretch fabric that is also quick-drying.

Irritation-free, anti-chafing for all types of activities.


The waistband is too low.

Dry Dudz here provides you with the best underwear for swimming and even other sports. I mean you can wear these undies below your sportswear, swimwear, and even casual wear. These quick-to-dry liners work the best when worn with boardshorts. The kind of athletic support the underwear delivers is perfect for a whole day of moving around and activities.

The brand’s exclusive Dry-Thru technology is a part of the deal here. It’s made of moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabrics. That brings into the picture better moisture control and even better performance.

The interlocked compression structure of the underwear consists of 100% polyester. This allows moisture and water absorption from the fabric itself. Dry Dudz has made it a point to use the technology mainly in the inner thigh and crotch area. So it can pull all the wetness away from your skin. And also contribute to preventing chafing.

Furthermore, the lightweight and soft blend of elastane and polyester make it appear as if you’re not wearing any underwear. But irrespective of that, you get access to the two most important factors regarding underwear. And they are support and comfort.

Boardshorts liners are not easy to come by. At least not the best ones! So you should definitely seize the opportunity that is the Dry Dudz Hydro-Tech Compression Shorts. No doubt, the pair dries fast, supports you in all the right spots, and drains pretty well too. Even the waistband feels incredibly comfortable against the skin.

And the best part is that you can wear these compression shorts for daily use and daily workouts too. No more chafing during your high-intensity swimming or gym sessions!

#4 ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer Brief – Best compression shorts for swimmingExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 9


The best compression shorts for athletic activities.

Antimicrobial, odor-reducing technology used.

The smooth waistband and flatlock seams prevent chafing.


The tag at the back irritates the skin.

In the category of compression shorts under swim trunks or just compression shorts for athletic wear. The pair that always make a mark is the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Boxer Brief. It’s an ideal choice for adventurers if you ask me.

The lower rise and active fit of the underwear support you not just for activities in the water. But also when you’re on the go like camping, trekking, cycling, hiking, etc.

They are, after all, breathable performance mesh boxer briefs. That speaks of nothing but superior comfort, convenience, and compression. The antimicrobial, odor-reducing treatment is what makes them so popular. When your underwear has the ability to keep you fresh and dry for longer. Then it’s certainly worth your attention as comfort is a top priority.

The fabric is quick-drying, no doubt about that. Apart from odor-resistance and quick-drying, the materials offer a lot more. There’s an exceptional stretch, and much-needed breathability as well. As I already told you, the lower rise and active fit make a lot of difference here.

The breathability of the mesh material improves airflow. Something that you demand when trekking, cycling, etc. Or even when wanting to dry off quickly after a swim.

Moreover, the fly panel is designed to provide tons of support. So it’s pretty evident that the underwear is well-crafted to keep you comfortable throughout the wear. Irrespective of what kind of intense physical activity you decide to indulge in!

#3 COOFANDY Men’s Swimming Trunks Boxer Brief Swim Underwear – Best swimming trunks

COOFANDY Men's Swimming Shorts Swimwear Swimsuit Swim Underwear with Pocket Black


Thick material quality, thus not see-through.

Lightweight, quick-drying, stretchy, and breathable.


Tag seams feel itchy.

Before I start raving about this best underwear for swimming, let me tell you a little something about the brand. COOFANDY is a brand that manufactures some of the most innovative and highest quality products. This includes swimming trunks, sports shorts, and regular clothing. It’s a brand that caters only to the male audience. So it’s very popular among men.

As for the design highlights of these swimming trunks, here’s the deal. But first, let me ask you a question. Do you wear underwear under a swimming suit? If the answer is no, then it means you prefer to go commando. In that case, why not go commando in this boxer brief swim underwear by COOFANDY!

The pair features a drawstring waistband. This consists of an adjustable drawstring and elastic waistband that fit comfortably around your waist. The experience is also convenient. As you get the wonderful opportunity for resizing using the drawstring. That is placed right in the front of that waistband.

Then the underwear design also includes zipper pockets. So you can carry 1-2 tiny belongings like keys and money. But if you’re going swimming, then carrying money, keys, or anything else is not such a great idea.

Moving on, the swimming trunks have a stretch square-leg design. This kind of side incision structure allows freedom of movement. And that’s absolutely necessary when swimming, surfing, diving, or even just sunbathing.

The fabric used for construction is quick-drying, lightweight, smooth, breathable, elastic, flexible, and simply amazingly comfortable. All these matters when you want your swimming experience to be flawless. And the fact that you can wear them for surfing, diving, swimming, and even sunbathing means a lot. Means carrying fewer clothes for your next beach adventure.

#2 Niksa Men’s Athletic Underwear Sport Performance Boxer Briefs – Best swim underwear for boardshorts

	 Niksa 3Pcs Men's Athletic Underwear Sport Performance Boxer Briefs Cool Dry-XL Black


4-way stretch for performance-driven activities.

Double-layered mesh for breathability.

Extra thick in the right areas.


Sizing runs very small.

Niksa is a brand you can rely on for high-quality athletic wear and even casual clothing. So it’s no surprise that their Athletic Underwear Sport Performance Boxer Briefs are a part of this list. Now, why is it the best underwear for swimming? Let me tell you all about it below.

The boxer briefs are perfect for wearing under your boardshorts. The materials involved are spandex and nylon. Moisture-wicking fabrics are necessary whenever swimming or water sports are a part of the picture. On top of that, the fabrics also keep sweat away from the skin. While providing complete freedom of movement as well.

There’s a double-layered 3D pouch for all the room your package demands down there. What also matters in this regard is the U-shape of the underwear. Comfort and support are also two very important factors you need not worry about in this case.

The monolayered pouch design makes way for greater air permeability. So your intimate parts remain fresh and cool throughout the day. Then there’s the wide, elastic, and soft performance-driven waistband. Expect no riding up, uncomfortable tightness, rolling down, and other such common waistband issues.

Speaking of which, to prevent chafing, the seams are the flatlock type. The underwear’s high elasticity and durability are a result of the 4-way stretch. So you can indulge in strenuous workouts and not worry about mobility. The 4-way stretch also paves the way for shape maintenance after multiple washes.

The fit of the performance boxer briefs here is perfect for all kinds of activities. This means not just swimming but also hiking, cycling, running, cross-training, and the like. The result in each case is going to be no chafing, no stinking, and no sweating. The most suitable choice for active, adventurous men in my opinion.

#1 Speedo Men Race Endurance Solid Square Leg Swimsuit – Editor’s Choice

Speedo Men's Solid Square Leg Endurance+ Long-Lasting No-Pinch Swimsuit, Navy, 30


4-way stretch lets you move freely and comfortably.

It is chlorine-resistant, quick-drying, and offers UV protection.


The fit is very snug, so order 1 size up.

So the top choice in the category of the best underwear for swimming is a Speedo creation. It’s the Speedo Men Race Endurance Solid Square Leg Swimsuit. What I gather from this are two things. One is Endurance and the other is Square Leg.

This legitimate underwear for swimming is a part of the brand’s Endurance collection. The square leg design is made of a fabric specifically created for athletic purposes. The underwear in the form of a swimsuit is chlorine-resistant. But what matters more is the 4-way stretch. It ensures a better fit and maintains shape for long.

The square-cut shape of the leg delivers extra coverage. Then there’s an inner drawcord installed in the waist of the underwear. So you can get a comfortable, secure fit. The whole design is fully lined just by the way.

Let me also bring to your attention that the swimsuit here offers UV protection. On top of that, it provides resistance to fading, sagging, and bagging. The quick-drying performance of the pair makes it an ideal pick for moving through water or lifting heavy. Pair this up with a 4-way stretch and full coverage. And you have the best underwear for swimming.

The lightweight feel and no-pinching action are also two very remarkable positive takeaways. The former is inevitable when lightweight, anti-drag fabrics are used. As for the latter, you should expect no pinching when there’s a front gusset. That creates a breathable, comfortable room in the crotch region.

So you have not one but many reasons to consider buying the Speedo Men Race Endurance Solid Square Leg Swimsuit.

All You Need to Know About Wearing Underwear for Swimming

Do You Wear Underwear Under Swim Shorts?


Swimming is always a fun activity. Especially in the summertime when all you can think of is enjoying in the pool. Or simply going to the beach and spending the day there. Whatever the case, does wearing underwear below your swimwear ruin all the fun? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably wearing the wrong kind of underwear.

And if that’s the case, then you should know why wearing just any undies for swimming is a very bad idea. Let me elaborate below.

Disadvantages of Wearing Regular and Not Swimming-Specific Underwear

#1 Regular underwear doesn’t last long

Let’s say you’re one of the many guys who don’t really care about how the underwear looks. So long as the pair of undies stay on, you’re all set. And if that’s the case, then you’re making a huge mistake. Underwear for ball support is something you wear daily. So you have to make sure you put in a lot of thought into what style or size fits you the best. And don’t ever neglect comfort and support.

As for wearing regular underwear for activities like swimming. Let me tell you it’s not going to work out in your favor. Swimming takes a toll on the undies if they’re not designed to tolerate the intensity of the activity. Particularly if you hit the pool or the beach more regularly or frequently. Obviously, a single session isn’t going to do any harm.

The chlorine in the swimming pool and salt present in the ocean water are bound to damage the quality of your regular undies. Chlorine has the tendency to destroy color and damage the fibers. So your underwear is bound to look bad and show signs of wear and tear very quickly. As for salt, it also produces the same overall effect.

#2 Regular underwear is not good for the pool

If you happen to swim in a pool regularly, then you might want to consider buying swimming-specific underwear to put on below your swim shorts. That means ditching regular underwear. And here’s why.

Regular underwear is mostly constructed using cotton fabric. And cotton fibers tend to break apart when they come in contact with chlorinated water. These fibers are then processed by the filter of the swimming pool. Too much cotton and the filter is bound to get damaged.

Now you may be thinking why should I bother about the maintenance of a swimming pool that’s not even mine! Am I right? Well, hear this out. When filters break, what happens is they stop eliminating bad stuff from the water. So what you’re basically doing is swimming in water that’s filled with everyone’s dirt and germs.

Another thing you should probably know about cotton is that it transfers bacteria into the pool water. So unless you’re okay with suffering from an infection, you should stay away from wearing regular cotton underwear to the pool.

#3 Regular underwear is visible

The last and final aspect has got to do with looks. Can you conceal the fact you’re wearing underwear below your swimming trunks or shorts? You definitely cannot if you’ve put on regular underwear. The lines and seams are visible at such times.

Also, when you get wet, the swimming shorts pulling down due to the weight of the water is also natural. So when that happens, the high-rise or mid-rise of your normal undies is going to be visible.

If you wish to avoid these tragedies, then it’s best to go for underwear specifically designed for swimming. And that is underwear specially crafted for wearing under swimming trunks and boardshorts.

Why Most Men Choose to Wear Underwear for Swimming

Here are the two most common reasons why so many prefer putting on underwear below their swimwear…


1. To prevent chafing

It’s a very well-known fact that swimming shorts cause chafing. So if you know you’re going to spend all day in those merciless trunks. Then how about wearing a pair of swimming underwear below those? That means no more chafing ruining your experience. Even when you’re playing beach volleyball!

2. Because they aren’t going to actually swim

It’s only natural to want to spend the day by the pool or at the beach just sunbathing. I mean you don’t necessarily have to enter the water if you don’t want to. For whatever reason!

When that’s what you’re going to do all day. Then it’s only logical to put on underwear. But make sure it’s not regular underwear. It should be swimming-specific or those that go well with boardshorts. Meaning low-rise, compression, quick-drying, breathable, and extremely comfortable and supportive.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Swimming Underwear


Now you only need some help when choosing underwear suitable to wear for swimming. The rules are quite straightforward to tell you for a fact.

  • Do take accurate measurements

It’s only common sense to measure yourself properly and then choose size accordingly. Precise measurements are a must when buying undies. Be it for swimming or any other athletic purposes.

Just keep in mind that the majority of swimwear for men is measured depending on the size of the waist. So take accurate measurements of your waist.

  • Do consider the type of material the underwear is made of

Did you know that swimwear is mostly constructed using synthetic and stretchy fabrics? Such as polyester, nylon, and spandex. The thing about lycra and nylon swim boxer briefs is that they’re the most common. Thanks to the generous amounts of stretch they offer. No wonder even athletes prefer this kind of blend.

As for polyester, it provides a more constricting fit. The good part about nylon is that it’s way more durable. And this is very useful in the case of chlorinated water. Also, polyester is comparatively cheaper in terms of price than lycra or nylon.

  • Don’t neglect to care for your underwear

Do you just buy clothes and then not bother to take proper care of them? If yes, then trust me you’re not the only one. Not caring for swimwear and bathing suits is a very common occurrence. But you should know that these aren’t like regular clothes. So you can’t just throw swimming underwear into the washing machine.

Instead of doing that, why not rinse the briefs, shorts, or trunks in freshwater? Then soak the undies in the same water for around half an hour. During this time, all the chlorine, salt, and sand come off.

Now wash the underwear once more using a mild liquid detergent. Rinse off to get rid of the soap. And then dry the underwear by laying it flat. Not under direct sunlight of course!

  • Don’t choose price over quality

When you trade quality for the price, you’re letting go of comfort, support, stretch, and a lot of other good stuff. It’s only logical to assume that cheap underwear is not going to exceed or even meet your expectations. And this is even more important in the case of swimming pool chlorine. And ocean water salt.

So if you want your swimming underwear to provide more than just comfort. Then go for a high-quality, slightly expensive pair. No doubt, this is going to be plenty of flexible, stretchy, supportive, quick-drying, chlorine-resistant, and durable. Spend a little more so you don’t have to spend again anytime soon.

The EndNote

Let’s just assume you want to buy underwear for swimming because when you decide to remove your swim trunks because of whatever reason, maybe you’re drunk or something, then at least you won’t be completely naked. You also won’t end up flashing people at the beach or poolside when your swimming shorts are soaked wet, thus see-through.

Jokes aside, swimming underwear is becoming more and more popular now. When summer fun is just what you need. Then you have to make sure nothing comes in the way of that. And you might think that underwear designed to put on below boardshorts or to wear alone feels uncomfortable. Then maybe you should buy the Speedo Men Race Endurance Solid Square Leg Swimsuit.

The fabric used, polyester, dries way faster in comparison to cotton. And these undies in the form of a swimsuit are flattering in terms of visual appeal as well. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. Or the others I’ve reviewed for you in the article.


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  1. I wear thongs they are very supportive for the manhood and its the best thing to wear without being nude. Its great to wear to get a good tan except you don’t burn your penis and testicles. Neighbors should be warned if you walk around or tan in your thong when you get out of the pool just to be respectful.

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