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What is the Best Underwear to Wear Under Board Shorts?

Let’s say you’ve finally managed to buy the best board shorts out there. Now, to be honest, every board shorts demand a good companion. In the form of the best underwear to wear under board shorts!

But this was not the case back in the days. There were just swimming or surfing trunks for those entering the water. And ordinary pants for those just chilling by the water, and not in it. So if you belonged to both categories, you were stuck conforming to either in terms of what to wear.

However, this soon changed. Thanks to the community of surfers.

Board shorts are now equipped with quick-drying properties. And these became ideal for both scenarios. So it didn’t take time for board shorts to transform into casual beachwear. In that case, men who don’t like going commando in board shorts can place their trust in the following underwear options.

Top 10 Best Underwear to Wear Under Board Shorts

New Balance Men’s Premium Performance 3-Inches Trunk Underwear#10Polyester, SpandexTrunks
Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro-Tech Compression Short Navy#9Polyester, LycraCompression Shorts
New Balance Men’s 3-Inches No-Fly Boxer Brief#8Polyester, SpandexBoxer Briefs
CLEVEDAUR Men’s Underwear 6-Inches Modal Boxer Briefs#7Modal, SpandexBoxer Briefs
Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs#6Cotton, SpandexBoxer Briefs
Neleus Men’s Performance Compression Shorts#5Polyester, SpandexCompression Shorts
FITEXTREME Men’s Breathable Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs#4Polyester, PolyurethaneBoxer Briefs
Eyushijia Men’s Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs#3Bamboo, SpandexBoxer Briefs
New Balance Men’s 6-Inches Boxer Brief#2Polyester, SpandexBoxer Briefs
Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear#1 – Editor’s ChoicePolyester, SpandexBoxer Briefs

#10 New Balance Men’s Premium Performance 3-Inches Trunk Underwear – Best trunks to wear under board shorts

New Balance Men's Premium Performance 3


Non-constricting, comfortable, and soft trunks.

Lightweight design to maximize mobility.


No-fly pouch.

A little bit of stretchy spandex and a lot of shape-retention and durable polyester are used for construction. These trunks are ideal to put on below board shorts. It’s because of their lightweight and breathable design, no doubt.

This is not the only New Balance underwear I’m reviewing for the article. So that goes to show that the brand knows how to manufacture undies perfect for activities like biking, surfing, hiking, running, etc.

The underwear is tagless to ensure anti-irritation comfort. The no-fly pouch is incredibly supportive in my opinion. And the fact that minimum seams are a part of the structure guarantees comfort throughout the day.

So if you prefer short trunks instead of long boxer briefs, you know what to get. These trunks are supportive enough without feeling too loose or too tight. The waistband is also wide enough for keeping you comfortable during movements. Plus, the undies hold up well even after many washes.

#9 Dry Dudz Men’s Hydro-Tech Compression Short Navy – Best quick-drying underwear for board shorts

Dry Dudz Men's Hydro Tech Compression Short Navy-MED


Lightweight compression shorts dry quickly.

They prevent chafing during exercise or cardio.


Leg coverage is minimal.

Compression underwear is a huge hit for athletic undertakings. Don’t you agree with me? If you do, then you might appreciate the design of this Hydro-Tech Compression Shorts. These are made using a blend of polyester and lycra. The combination has exceptional moisture and sweat-wicking properties. Hence, perfect to put on under board shorts or swim/sportswear.

They’re popularly known as quick-dry liners. And what they do is deliver complete athletic support. It’s the Dry-Thru technology of the brand that welcomes all the wicking and quick-drying action. Enhanced moisture control and better performance are a part of the experience here.

As an athletic or active person, you might also appreciate the interlocking design of the undies. It makes way for complete sweat and moisture absorption from the fabric. And triggers evaporation. This particular technology is installed in the inner thigh and crotch areas for pulling wetness and preventing chafing.

If you ask me, what you’re looking at is a pair of the best anti-chafing, breathable, and moisture-wicking underwear. For all types of fitness activities!

#8 New Balance Men’s 3-Inches No-Fly Boxer Brief– Best activewear underwear for board shorts

New Balance Men's 3


Durable, fade-resistant boxer briefs.

Gusseted design for enhanced movement.


Even though comfy, the waistband is huge.

This is the first time I’m reviewing more than just one pair of underwear manufactured by New Balance. Instead of New Balance sports shoes! Without the shadow of a doubt, this pack-of-3 No-Fly Boxer Briefs is designed for men that live a very active lifestyle. Each underwear is made using a comfortable and stretchy blend of spandex and polyester.

The use of polyester and spandex implies durability, breathability, and stretch. Sizes are available. Even the choice of colors is at your disposal if you seriously consider buying these boxer briefs.

With New Balance, you don’t have to worry about the underwear not keeping you dry and cool. Even the elastic ensures comfort. Simply by preventing bunching-up issues. The waistband sits comfortably. And it offers all the flexibility you require during athletic movements.

Moreover, the pouch is plenty supportive of articulated mesh material panels. So all the features that make up the best athletic, lightweight underwear are included here.

#7 CLEVEDAUR Men’s Underwear 6-Inches Modal Boxer Briefs – Best seamless underwear to wear under board shorts

CLEVEDAUR Men's Underwear 6 Inches Modal Mens Boxer Briefs Open Fly


3D contoured pouch for superior comfort.

Seamless back and sides.


Waistband could have been softer.

Made of modal and spandex, the Clevedaur Boxer Briefs offer nothing but comfort. Comfort in the form of lightweight and softness. Brought about by none other than spandex. And comfort also in the form of modal, which is breathable, smooth, and soft.

The fabric blend is, unquestionably, moisture-wicking and breathable. It keeps you cool and dry all day long. Even with your board shorts on! But what hogs the limelight is the 3D pouch structure. It comes with and without an open fly. Either way, the undies support your stuff in the most comfortable manner.

Furthermore, the seams are the flat-lock type. Meaning they cause no chafing. Nor are they visible on the outside. As for the crotch design, it’s wide enough with a horizontal material construction for adding more comfort during movements. Something that I think you’ll be demanding a whole lot in the case of performing athletic activities.

#6 Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs – Best cotton stretch underwear to wear below board shorts

Calvin Klein Mens 3 Pack Logo Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs Black/Pinstripe/Black Medium


Smooth, stretchy cotton underwear.

It keeps you cool and dry the entire time.


The tag causes some irritation.

Are you a stretchy cotton undies type of guy? If yes, then you’ve just hit the jackpot. With the Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs. This is pack-of-3 underwear made using comfortable, stretchy cotton with a comfortable elastic waistband. The latter, as you can see, features the famous Calvin Klein logo.

In terms of practicality, you’ll definitely appreciate the blend of softness, breathability, and stretch. That’s the beauty of cotton. Stretch fabrication delivers the most amount of comfort. And not just comfort, even shape-retention is a part of the deal here.

These are everyday boxer briefs that wash well. For daily wear, durability is a priority, isn’t it? Apart from that, what also matters is how the underwear responds to sweat and long hours of wear. In that department too, the pair don’t lose elasticity or shape. Even the waistband feels soft throughout the day.

No wonder it’s such a great choice for board shorts. The comfort these stretch cotton boxer briefs provide is ideal for all types of scenarios you put or find yourself in.

#5 Neleus Men’s Performance Compression Shorts – Best compression underwear for board shorts

Neleus Men's 3 Pack Athletic Compression Short


Stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric.

Extremely durable, even with frequent washes.


The underwear material is too thin.

To be honest, everything about these Performance Compression Shorts is nothing but satisfying. After all, they are performance-driven, compression-equipped shorts in the form of underwear.

The HeatGear fabric the brand has used for construction is incredibly smooth. And it delivers the perfect amount of elasticity. Even with the compression structure! The wide waist of the shorts offers enough stretch to keep you comfortable.

But what I found to be the most useful is the combination of such a stretchy fabric with ergonomic seams. So the feel on the underwear below your board shorts is certainly going to be very natural.

As for providing support for the many crazy, athletic activities you wish to undertake. These compression shorts provide excellent support. You can even wear them to work or on a daily basis. The underwear ensures there’s no wiggle room. So your sack remains in place and shape. While you’re busy having a good time at the beach!

#4 FITEXTREME Men’s Breathable Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs – Best stretch underwear for under board shorts

	 FITEXTREME Mens 5 Pack Cool Sporty Performance Stretch Short Boxer Briefs XL


No ride-up leg construction.

Thick-layered but breathable fabric.


The legs aren’t long enough for tall people.

If you’re embarrassed about ‘showing brain’ in your board shorts. You need something tight and supportive. The FitExtreme Performance Boxer Briefs are what to look for. It has a 4-way stretch which is perfect for outdoor activities.

This underwear is capable of making you feel comfortable and light. The wide and stretch fabric has an ergonomic quality. The waistband wraps around your waist, cradling and cushioning the skin. There are internal stitch lines that separate both legs. So it’s functional and proper fitting.

The material repels moisture so nothing sticks to your skin. Even if you’re by the pool or on a beach. Nothing supports all your movements better than this underwear. The internal material is smooth and supportive. The external material is durable and stretchy.

One thing to watch out for is the short length of the legs. They might feel restricting for tall men. If your height is average, and not too tall, these should fit comfortably.

#3 Eyushijia Men’s Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs – Best breathable underwear for board shorts

Eyushijia Men's 4 Pack Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs


The bamboo fabric feels smooth and soft.

The front pouch is quite spacious.


The waistband has a tag at the back.

Eyushijia brings forth a unique and original pair of underwear for board shorts. It’s not made of tight or clingy materials. It’s made of bamboo which is rewarding by itself. Bamboo fiber improves breathability. The spandex engages the material for better firmness.

All this is supported by the elastic waistband. It won’t pinch your skin. It won’t crunch-up after washing. Nor would it shrivel in size if you wear it long enough.

The whole point of wearing bamboo is that it’s super sustainable. You can wear underwear for a very long time. Especially reassuring for men who hate going shopping if they can help it. The material feels necessary to sustain wearing board shorts. It’s soft, supportive, and smooth.

Every good quality product has a bad side too, right? The band, unlike so many other boxer briefs, is not tagless. I’m not saying the tag might irritate your skin. But it may since it’s already there, right?

#2 New Balance Men’s 6-Inches Boxer Brief – Best comfortable underwear to wear under board shorts

New Balance Men's 6


The stitching and material are wrinkle-free.

It can hold up several washing cycles.


The pouch is too small.

These boxer briefs come with plenty of breathable features. The material though is polyester and spandex. It’s fairly accessible and offers an open and drying quality. The New Balance Boxer Brief answers to all your problems with board shorts.

Such as excessive compression, dampness, and movement restriction. The material of this boxer brief is flexible. It allows a far range of movement for running, playing basketball, hiking, etc.

The band around the waist doesn’t crunch or stiffen. It has a ‘no-ride’ inseam which is elastic but quite supportive. It fits like a second skin so you won’t feel like you’re wearing them at all. The quality is dependable and durable. All this at an affordable and cost-effective price.

These boxer briefs do a far better job of keeping everything in place. The elastic waistband and the stretchiness of the fabric are supportive. The room in the pouch is above average which means quite spacious.

The pouch is spacious but not great. If you’re well-endowed, it can be a problem to fit into them and feel comfortable.

#1 Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear – Editor’s Choice

adidas Men's Sport Performance Boxer Briefs Underwear


Breathable and quick-to-dry fabric.

Suitable for the summer months.


The elastic around the leg lacks durability.

The search for the best underwear ends with the Adidas Sport Performance Climalite. It’s a fascinating pair of boxer briefs with a polyester and spandex fit. It protects your groin from chafing, sweatiness, and dampness.

These board shorts undies are all style and functionality. It’s exciting as they are full of comfort and support. You can sit on a damp rock and the material will still feel dry and warm. The material is bleach-free and so it won’t lose its color while washing.

It’s super-stretchy but firm. Good for jogging, walking, or stretching. The inner material doesn’t ride up and resists clumping or pinching. The stitching around the seams, pouch, and waistband is comfortable.

If you want something consistent and superior, wearing this tag-less underwear is a must. I’m confident this underwear will make you feel supported. And you hold up to all types of activities under board shorts in these.

There’s elastic on the waistband as well as the legs. To provide support and tightness so that it doesn’t slide down. The elastic on the legs are not strong enough. It may cause a ‘wedgie’ were you to run fast in these.

Best Underwear to Wear with Board Shorts – Buying Guide


Is It Necessary to Wear Underwear Under Board Shorts?

Why going commando is a good and bad idea?

But first, can you wear board shorts without any underwear inside?

The answer is YES. And that’s because board shorts are mainly designed for surfers. So, more often than not, they are well-equipped with fast-drying properties.

When you wear undies below your board shorts, it’s only common sense to assume that the former is going to stay wet for a longer time. And if your underwear is wet, then your board shorts will also not dry properly. Unless the underwear features quick-drying technology. Like the ones, I’ve reviewed in the article.

But here’s the other side of the coin. When you ditch underwear, you allow your man parts to move around down there. Typically speaking, board shorts have a loose fit, right? So the chances are that support and control might get compromised.

So Why Should You Wear Underwear Under Board Shorts?


I have two very common reasons why most men go for underwear to wear under board shorts…

#1 To prevent chafing

The waterproof fabric of swim shorts tends to cause chafing. So if you know you’re going to spend a long time in your surfing or swimming trunks. Then you’ve got to take steps to prevent the possibility of chafing. And what better way to do so than by wearing boxer briefs length underwear!

#2 If you’re not getting in the water

You have no intention to stay in the water for a long time. Or maybe you have no intention to get into the water in the first place. In that case, you know your board shorts are not going to get wet. So you can wear underwear below them.

Factors to Take into Account When Buying Underwear to Wear Under Board Shorts

Swim trunks and board shorts serve the same purpose, don’t they? This explains why some men choose to go commando under swimwear. But most men opting for board shorts prefer to put on underwear as well. The undies-free approach is not a very commonly made decision. And for good reasons!

These reasons include protection against strong waves that might leave your genitals exposed. Another reason can be swimming in non-marine environments. This is when you absolutely feel the need to include one more layer of protection in the form of underwear.

Whatever the case, here are three primary characteristics you might want to keep in mind…

1. Packed & Tight Design


More often than not, beachgoers and surfers choose something spandex-based and ultra-tight. That’s because when the underwear design is such, it prevents accidental surfboard waxing and chafing. At the same time, sand and sea-salt keep from entering and irritating your private regions. So this extra layer of protection goes a long way.

Then there are compression shorts as well. I have reviewed so many of them. They’re form-fitting, no doubt. At the same time, these compression shorts are also designed for absorbing muscle movements. Thus, perfect for athletic activities such as surfing, running, biking, hiking, etc.

Many athletes wear compression clothing made of spandex material. The packed, tight form of such garments is great for supporting and providing flexibility to your movements. This includes compression underwear.

2. Fast-Drying Material

To be fair, spandex isn’t the only excellent choice when it comes to comfort in underwear for board shorts. Other fabrics like nylon, bamboo, modal, and cotton also count. But are they all quick-drying?

Cotton is malleable and soft. The organic version of cotton is the best. As for synthetic cotton, it can feel a little irritating after a point.

Then comes modal and bamboo. Both of these materials are equipped with super-soft microfibers. Much like in the case of spandex. This makes them perfect for wearing under board shorts. The only drawback here is that they lose most of the softness if you spend too much time in seawater.

As for nylon, it’s known for providing flexibility, toughness, and durability. Scores in the department of breathability are not satisfactory though. Meaning nylon repels sweat and moisture alright. But then traps the wetness against your skin.

So what is the best fabric for quick-drying properties? The answer is cotton.

3. Type of Underwear


Board shorts are mainly designed for men. With that in mind, men’s underwear falls into three common categories. These include boxer briefs, briefs, and boxers. No matter the size or age, these three categories are the most preferred by men all over the globe. So what is the best type of underwear to wear under board shorts?

Boxers deliver a comfortable shape. While briefs provide supportive protection. As for boxer briefs, they offer the best of both worlds. And, as a matter of fact, they’re the perfect form of underwear to put on below surfing or swimming shorts. The sleek and soft construction of boxer briefs hands out nothing but superior comfort.

What also matters here is the fit and feel of the waistband. So boxer briefs, even in that regard, are an ideal choice. This means your board shorts can be as low as you like them to be. And you will not have to worry about how they look together.

The End

Let’s say you decide to wear underwear under board shorts or swimming shorts. In that case, you’re looking at unapologetic fun and long days at the beach. So make sure you put on the best of the best. And that is the Adidas Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear.

The pair offers all-day comfort with complete functionality too. The boxer briefs are stretchy, soft, and moisture-wicking. They keep you cool and dry, no doubt about that. Along with preventing any kind of irritation in the form of tag in the waistband. Or rough stitching. Or riding up concerns. In all, the perfect one to pair with your board shorts!

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