Enhancing Underwear for Men

What is the Best Enhancing Underwear for Men and Where to Buy Them?

A guy wearing enhancing underwear for men is not frowned upon. I mean men might not care about a lot of things regarding their wardrobe and all. But size is one thing most men are found highly likely to be obsessed about. These male species are constantly on the lookout for different ways to aggrandize their “manhood.” Without causing any damage down there!

It’s common these days to want to look for denim at a store that enhances the size of your junk. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about it or to deny the fact.

So for bulging things up, maybe it’s time to put on the right kind of “enhancing” underwear. One that feels comfortable and is also incredibly supportive and breathable!

Best Enhancing Underwear – Top 10 Choices


It’s always better when you have options. Even a slight alteration in style or fit or length can make a huge difference. And let’s face it, you’re not actually shopping for belts or wallets!

Shopping for enhancing underwear for men is tricky. Because you have so many materials and sizes to pick from. Not to forget, there is more than one type of underwear to enhance your junk.

Aside from the top pick, you have jockstraps, trunks, bikini or what I’d call “mankini.” And so many more options to think about. You can buy a single pair or three or fill up your entire closet with all these amazing items.

DIQ Wear Men’s Sailor Trunk Sexy Package Enhancing Ring Underwear#10Cotton, ElastaneC-Ring
Rounderbum Men’s Package Enhancing Padded Trunk#9Cotton, ElastaneTrunks
iKingsky Men’s Colorful Big Pouch Thong Underwear#8Polyester, SpandexT-Back
Men’s Underwear Sexy Bulge Ball Pouch Underpants#7Nylon, SpandexBoxer Briefs
Gudan Mens Bulge Enhancing Bikini Underwear#6Nylon, SpandexBikini
BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters#5Cotton, SpandexJockstraps
David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Underwear#4Micro Modal, SpandexTrunks
YuKaiChen Men’s Briefs Low Rise Bikini Underwear Bulge Enhancing#3Nylon, SpandexBikini
LAPASA Men’s Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Enhancing Pouch Trunk Underwear#2Micro Modal, SpandexTrunks
Summer Code Men’s Sexy Micro-Mesh Bulge Underwear#1 – Editor’s ChoiceMeshBriefs

10. DIQ Wear Men’s Sailor Trunk Sexy Package Enhancing Ring Underwear – Best C-ring enhancing underwear for men 

DIQ Wear Men's Sailor Trunk Sexy Package Enhancing Ring Underwear Red/Black Small



Do you know what C-ring underwear is? The DIQ Sailor Enhancing Underwear is a trunk/brief/boxer. It has a ‘C’ shaped ring near the pouch which is an expert enhancer. Does this sound uncomfortable? Well, the air vents on each side made it livable.

The material is cotton and elastane which is even better. Cotton material underwears are easier to wear. They remain cool, soft, and smooth. In summer, they eliminate sweating. In winter, they provide protection.

When you’re penis is more relaxed, the C-ring will give you a firmer shape. Firmer means more enhanced and shapely. And of course sexy too!

It’s a flattering choice for men who need enhancing underwear. It’s essential to wear C-ring underwear that doesn’t poke like. Just as women hate to wear an underwire bra that pokes! You need proper padding and cushioning either way. And this best enhancing underwear provides that!

The waistband sits low on the hips. This can be a worry for tall men. It may cause bulging from the back if you have a bigger body profile. But that’s the thing with minimal underwear. They use less fabric which means less coverage. And focus goes only on what matters to you: the crotch.

9. Rounderbum Men’s Package Enhancing Padded Trunk – Best flexible enhancing underwear for men

Rounderbum Basic Package Trunk Gray



The Rounderbum Enhancing Padded Trunk is a special selection. It’s the first of its kind to cater to small and big sizes. If you have a “less-than-average” junk, the extra padding is super helpful. If you have a “well-endowed” junk, just remove the padding.

These trunks give you a nice lift. It enhances with a classy U-shaped ergonomic pouch. The pouch and padding are seamless so no one will ever know. It’s invisible through jeans or pants or broad shorts.

It’s good material with a low-cut design. You can machine wash it. It doesn’t lose color, stretch, or quality. The padding which is on the front offers incredible support. It’s not on the back so you don’t have to worry about a getting “wedgie.”

Don’t you just hate it that you have to keep adjusting the underwear all the time? Especially if you’re wearing something that’s close to skin-tight. You can wash the padding if you want but not as often as the underwear.

Not the best choice for skinny jeans as it is a serious bulge enhancer. I’d recommend wearing this under broad shorts, boxers, and pants.

8. iKingsky Men’s Colorful Big Pouch Thong Underwear – Best low-cut enhancing underwear for men

iKingsky Men's Colorful Big Pouch Thong Underwear Sexy Enhanced Underpanties Low Rise Bulge T-Back Underwear (Small, 4 Pack)



This underwear has a very modern quality to it. Its pouch is seamless and 3D. That’s right! It is a colorful pair of underwear with expert bulge enhancement technology. So the iKingsky doesn’t only support your goods, it holds it up!

If you’ve just started wearing thongs, this will be your first best try. The material is soft and supportive. The fit is fantastic in that it fits true to size. The waistband sits low, no doubt, but it is comfortable.

The 3D pouch holds your junk in place. The fabric is light enough to feel like you’re not wearing anything underneath. The inner material is non-sticky and firm. Regardless of your size, it will hold you at all times.

The support and lift quality comes from the sides, up, and down. So there’s a discernible bulge right in the middle of the crotch. Even if you’re at rest, which is ideally the case outdoors. The enhanced bulged gives it a shapely and sexy look.

What others probably find galling in thongs. This brand makes all those dislikable qualities lovable. So you’ll love the low-cut design, the 3D pouch, and the thin but firm waistband. It’s taking masculinity to a completely confident and dashing level!

You can’t wash this underwear in a machine. It will lose all of its color and most of its firmness. So it is a task to hand wash them all the time. But the lack of thick fabric makes it easier to wash for the lazy bums!

7. Men’s Underwear Sexy Bulge Ball Pouch Underpants – Best functional enhancing underwear for men

 Mens Bulge Pouch Underwear Boxer Briefs Sexy Ice Slik Short Athletic Underpants for Men 2X White



Nothing supports better than nylon and spandex. And this enhancing men’s underwear does so perfectly. It’s the perfect boxer briefs for men. Supportive, protective, and elevating. Also, you don’t need to be big to look big.

It has a bulge ball which, in simpler terms, is a pouch. But it’s thickly-layered and firming. Supported by the thick waistband, you never have to feel constricted ever again. The waistband is low-rise which also enhances the appearance.

Were it high-rise, the band would take all the “enhancement” away. If you don’t believe, wear high-rise underwear yourself. You’ll know the difference between that and this. The material is soft from the inside and appealing from the outside.

It goes with any outfit. The fabric is durable and long-lasting. And it’s flexible enough to suit all your activities. What’s interesting about this underwear is that it’s comfortable. It cradles and cushions your crotch like nothing else.

You won’t know what you’ve been missing out on. Not until you buy and wear this underwear for daily use. The pouch stays cool and smooth even in hotter climates. And the nylon and spandex provide cushioning in winter.

Maintaining this underwear is a bit tricky. You can’t wash it too much or else it comes really loose. And you have to wash it enough to avoid getting white color dirty.

6. Gudan Mens Bulge Enhancing Bikini Underwear – Best enhancing underwear for men for outdoor use

Gudan Mens Silk Bikini Underwear Low Rise Breathable Briefs (L,6Pack)



I’ve never seen a better seamless bulge enhancing underwear than this. The fit and feel of the Gudan Bulge Enhancing Underwear match its pictures. It meets all expectations in terms of design and quality.

Not to forget, these enhancing undies are super-comfortable. The fabric is so lightweight and breathable. It prevents sweating and chafing 100%. They make perfect swimming gear or lounging gear by the pool.

The seams are high-quality which means they will last long. Even if you use it daily, they won’t disappoint. One thing about bikinis though, they’re meant to be tight. But skintight is not the best feeling in the world for men down there!

It could cause skin rashes, look inappropriate, and feel flimsy. The good way to approach this is to fit size. To goal is to give you room to breathe down there but also enhance the bulge. That’s exactly what this enhancing underwear does.

The bikini fabric has plenty of stretchiness which is lacking in our previous pick. It has a pouch that keeps all the contents firm and shapely. And you don’t have to worry about going to the gym or the beach. Because this underwear looks seamless and sexy!

For a bulge enhancer, this underwear doesn’t add size to your size. If you know what I mean. It only enhances what you’ve already got. If you want to add size, go for padded trunks.

5. BSHETR Men’s Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters – Best cotton enhancing underwear for men

BSHETR Men's Underwear Jockstrap Athletic Supporters, 4-Pack Cotton Low Rise Stretch Multipack Performance Jock Strap (Multi, Large 32



You might think this is just a piece of strings. But jockstraps are the best athletic wear there is. Especially the BSHETR which is supportive and enhancing. It has a soft and smooth material with a double layer pouch.

Offering a great fit and support for small sizes as well as big. The double pouch adds incredible enhancement and doubles the support. The waistband connects well with the rest of the fabric. The strings are thick and comfortable enough. So you forget they’re there!

So how is something like this good for athletes? Well, the cotton fabric offers flexibility and breathability. And the touch of spandex gives shape to your crotch like never before.

The bottom stitch is the most important, isn’t it? It’s what makes or breaks your fit. In this underwear, the bottom stitch is delicate yet firm. So it doesn’t poke the skin or cause any other irritation.

The dye used to color the material is foolproof. It doesn’t fade no matter how much you sweat or wash it. It really does well against the overall look and feel of the underwear. Giving it a flattering design and lightweight feel.

You will be every bit as comfortable and ecstatic wearing them as the models in the ad. Isn’t that what you wanted from enhancing men’s underwear?

The only problem is shrinkage. Though the color and quality remain intact. This underwear may shrink with age and constant wear. Better if you skip wearing it daily like some of the other choices on the list.

4. David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Underwear – Best athletic enhancing underwear for men

David Archy Men's 4 Pack Underwear Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks with Fly (Dark Gray,M)



Finally underwear you can wear that does more than support. The David Archy Men’s Underwear looks like normal underwear but it isn’t. It’s support and enhancement packed in one.

This enhancing pair of undies for men has two pouches. The dual pouch can have many hidden benefits. Such as cradling your penis without constricting it. Offering incredible cushioning in high-impact or mobile conditions. That is when you’re walking, climbing stairs, or running around.

That’s right! This underwear caters to an active lifestyle. It can also be perfect to lounge in if you want. The fabric is soft, smooth, and firm. The center has two separate pouches, right? So nothing rubs against anything else.

This can eliminate common underwear problems. Such as stickiness, sweating, chafing, or squishing. You wouldn’t even have to keep making adjustments “on the fly!” If you know what I mean.

Call them ‘wonder pants’, ‘yoga pants’, or ‘safety pants’. They surely get the job done. It’s a basic pair of underwear that offers bulging and proper shaping. If you’re ready to upgrade your way of dressing down to the minutest detail. Think of David Archy Underwear for enhancing.

Here’s the can of worms: they don’t fit well-endowed men. That is sizes that go beyond the standard large to extra-large.

3. YuKaiChen Men’s Briefs Low Rise Bikini Underwear Bulge Enhancing – Best bikini enhancing underwear for men

YuKaiChen Men's Bikini Underwear Micro Mesh Breathable Silk Briefs Low-Rise 6-Pack US-M/CN-L



The YuKaiChen Low Rise Bikini Underwear fits like a glove. I’d like to call them “mankinis” because they’re so form-fitting. These will be the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn.

The materials it boasts of is nylon and spandex. So it’s comfortable, breathable, and supportive. The length of the rear and the thighs are longer than LAPASA. So for those who found the latter limiting can go for the YuKaiChen.

The waistband is low rise but it doesn’t make the fit difficult. You can move around freely in them. The size tends to fit a small size as good as a large. The strings are masculine-looking so they’re thick and supportive.

If you don’t like wearing underwear that feels too constricting. These are the best enhancing underwear with minimal design. No skin irritation, sweating, or heat buildup. The fabric stays cool and allows you to do the same.

Even if you do get hot during the summer season. The moisture doesn’t stick to the skin along with the fabric. It dries off pretty quickly and easily.

You can say the same for the crotch pocket. It does require you to step outside of your comfort area. But it does a good job of enhancing your junk just the way you want it to.

The only problem though is in the rear region. They can ride up if you want to wear it slightly tighter or looser. This is what people call a “wedgie” and I gotta say it’s not the best feeling!

2. LAPASA Men’s Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Enhancing Pouch Trunk Underwear – Best ergonomic enhancing underwear for men

Lapasa Men's Underwear 4-PACK Boxer Brief Micro Modal Super Soft No Fly Pouch Trunks M02,Black,Small (Waist 28 Inches -30 Inches)



What really stands out about the LAPASA is the U-cut shape of the pouch. So it doesn’t push your penis into your crotch. Rather it allows your penis to take up its natural shape and position. This does a lot more to enhance the appearance than you think. And it fails to look cheap!

You can call them trunks, briefs, or pouch underwear. The waistband is made of superior quality so it doesn’t poke. Nor does it cause bulging if you happen to have a lot of fat in that region. As you sit, the band doesn’t roll up or down.

The fabric is high-quality to touch and feel. The dye used on each underwear has an anti-pilling property. This means you can wear it daily in any climate.

The pouch has a single layer of protection. This is enough since you want to maintain the shape of your penis. And not compress it under jeans or pants. So what this breathable pouch does it cradles your junk perfectly and shapely. Isn’t that great?

Trust me; Nothing is limiting about this underwear. Is it supportive? Yes. Is it comfortable? Yes. Is it enhancing? Even more so. It’s the best thing to wear if you want to pump up your crotch. And the fabric and fit are such that it doesn’t look cheap at all. I mean, why would it?

The low-rise is a bit of a problem though. Some might find it too low on the waist. Another depressing aspect is that this underwear has no fly.

1. Summer Code Men’s Sexy Micro-Mesh Bulge Underwear – Editor’s Choice

Summer Code Mens Sexy Micro Mesh Briefs Soft Breathable Bulge Pouch Underwear



The Summer Code Micro-Mesh Bulge Underwear is your go-to choice. It’s the ultimate enhancing men’s underwear. And it’s super comfortable and accommodating. The mesh material makes the fabric soft and breathable.

The fit is low-cut and has an elastic-like fit. It enhances the pouch discreetly but enticingly. So you don’t have to worry about your crotch looking too tight or cheap. The pouch feature makes everything better, you see.

Why? Because it’s super comfortable and the fabric feels like elastic but the silky kind. Once you start wearing underwear with a pouch. There’s never going back!

This enhancing underwear looks solid without feeling too skintight. I know that some men find extra tight clothes really uncomfortable. Especially around his junk. There’s nothing to worry about here.

The fabric won’t cover you up everywhere. And I guess that’s okay assuming you want the best enhancing underwear. It’s supposed to feel light and has minimum coverage. Isn’t that what enhances your crotch anyway?

A bad thing though: the size runs a bit small. So if you go large, there is a possibility that it may be loose for you.

Enhancing Underwear for Men: What Is It?


ROunderbum Men's Package Enhancing Padded Trunk, White, Medium

Enhancing underwear consists of a pouch that lifts. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously, there are various kinds of enhancing underwear for men. And I will get into that topic later on. Just keep in mind that enhancing undies are not like your basic pair of comfortable tighty-whities. Unlike the latter, the former might feel slightly restricted. Or end up leaving things squashed down below.

Enhancing Underwear for Men: Will It Work for You?

Now you know that enhancing underwear magnifies the already large size of your package. Men with an average-sized or larger penis tend to benefit the most from such a well-shaped pouch and internal pocket boost.

As for those with a small penis, it’s best if you avoid wearing enhancing undies. That’s because the enhancing pouch of this pair only works with a bigger size. So unless you have large balls, you should stay away from enhancing underwear. For you, regular undies are the most suitable. And they’re even comfortable and supportive.

Just make sure the underwear is slightly contoured to give you a good shape. As for the best underwear for small package, why not try something with a comfortably padded pouch!

How Can You Tell If Your Underwear Is the Enhancing Type?

It’s very simple to figure this out. Fold the pouch of the undies sideways. Is the material contoured? Keep in mind that a flat pouch design creates a flat appearance. This is the simplest way for checking if your existing underwear or the underwear you’re buying performs the enhancing action or not.

Why Don’t All Types of Underwear Enhance Your Shape and Size?

Now this one’s a good question. Obviously, not every underwear brand for men manufactures enhancing underwear. But why is that? It’s because of two reasons. Needless to say, the first reason takes the form of “tradition.” Meaning that a man wanting to enhance the size of his junk is not as acceptable as a woman wanting to let’s say wear a push-up bra.

Women are often objectified based on their breasts and buttocks, not men. So these big brands refuse to include men in that category. And this comes to them very naturally based on the widely popular sexist attitude.

As for the second reason, it’s the additional cost of designing enhancing underwear for men. Such undies require more material. Meaning more money spent on manufacturing.

Factors to Take into Account When Buying Enhancing Underwear for Men

Let me make one thing very clear before I get into this. Enhancing the type of undies doesn’t pump up the size of your goods. So don’t expect women to ogle at your package and cars to slam brakes just to gawk at your awesome bulge down there. The best enhancing underwear for men just makes you feel more confident about your size. That’s about it.

So here are the important features you might want to keep in mind at the time of buying…


1. Style of Underwear

The best part about enhancing underwear is that it comes in various grades. Meaning different grades provide different aesthetics. So the style you pick is based on the amplitude of your actual size. Let me explain.

  • Padded Underwear

A pair of padded undies fit just like gloves. It holds all of you in place throughout the day. And also keeps everything symmetrical and smooth down below.

The padding thickness varies, obviously. But, more often than not, it works the best for every size.

  • Push-Up Underwear

Much like push-up bras for women, push-up underwear defies gravity to thrust your parts up and also away from the body.

However, unfortunately, the push-up effect restricts movements. So go for these only when you know you’re not going to engage in intense or strenuous physical activity.

  • Pouch Underwear

It goes without saying that pouches don’t enhance anything. What they do instead is position your package to your advantage with the help of cleverly placed and sewn Y-front seams. Along with the horseshoe sewing technology!

Your private subjects are moved away from the body to accommodate that pouch. So it’s the extra visibility of the area that does the job of enhancing.

  • Jockstraps

Do jockstraps for men really lift and enhance your front and back? The answer is YES.

The thing about jockstraps is that they keep everything contained to make your rear and anterior look perkier and more lifted.

2. Comfort & Moisture Control

The reason why I’ve combined comfort and moisture/sweat control is that both factors are determined by the fabric and structure of the underwear.

Padded undies seem like good insulators. However, they’re not such a suitable choice for the hotter months of the year. So, at such times, you need a pair that doesn’t cause excessive sweating or chafing. And also that doesn’t feel sticky to wear throughout the day.

In the same manner, you don’t want to wear uncomfortable underwear that makes you want to rip them off as soon as you get home.

In that case, thinner and more breathable undies are a more appropriate and comfortable option. Go for cotton then.

3. Seams

I’ve reviewed quite a few underwears for enhancement. So I know that such a design comes with more seams and stitches sticking out from the ends. With that in place, just make sure the seams don’t cause painful chafing. This means to look for flatlock seams.


The truth of the matter is that not all men’s enhancing underwear enhances while also providing comfort and breathability down there. But the good news here is that I have reviewed only the best enhancing underwear that offers all such benefits. The best of the lot is the Summer Code Menn’s Sexy Micro-Mesh Underwear.

It’s the perfect pair for the daring man who also values wearability and practicality along with aesthetics. The underwear features advanced technology for enhancing your goods. So your package receives all the attention it demands.

And if you don’t like this one, then I have shortlisted 9 other equally comfortable, breathable, supportive, and junk-enhancing options for you.

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