Male underwear model doing the tuck and lift trick

Tuck and Lift Modeling Trick, and 3 other tips to make you look bigger

I’m sure you’ve heard about the infamous male underwear modeling trick, doing the tuck and lift. It’s one of the best kept trade secrets in the underwear modeling industry that rely on showing off their (ostensibly) ginormous manhood under a sponsored pair of underwear. How does this trick help them to be bigger on screen? (Hint: it only helps them to look bigger)

It’s not what it seems – according to a research by the British Journal of Urology International, the average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches (9.16 cm), and outliers are extremely rare. Wondering how do you measure up down there? Here’s a handy guide to help you figure out your exact size. How do agencies find such well endowed men to work as their models then? Through my experience working for a men’s magazine, I interviewed some models working for the best men’s underwear brands in the country on this topic. 

The jury was unanimous – modeling underwear involved multiple industry tricks like wearing silicone rings with Velcro straps, or using different poses to visually enhance their bulge. Tucking and lifting is one of the maneuvers passed down by modeling agencies to their charges, and I’m going to cover this elusive trick today.

How to do the Tuck and Lift Modeling Trick?

Here’s some requirements before we do the tuck and lift modeling trick – please make sure you fulfill those before proceeding. Note that this trick is best done right after a bath as you do not want your man-parts to stick together. 

A full-size copy of Michelangelo's marble statue of the Biblical hero David, with an uncircumcised penis. David is demonstrating the correct technique for the tuck and lifting trick here,
This is what you want to look like at the end of the day, except much larger (Image credit: Getty)
  1. Slightly open your legs and make sure your junk isn’t wrapped by your thighs.
  2. Pull out your penis up and outwards.
  3. Grab your testicles up and outwards, make sure to not let them lie against your butt.
  4.  Tuck your penis straight down between your balls. If done correctly, they will look like Michelangelo’s marble statue like in the above image, except much larger. (some history on why male nude historical statues have really small penises)
  5. Pull your underwear back up gently, making sure your junk are still in the ‘lifted’ stance.
  6. Enjoy looking bigger down there!

About the Tuck and Lift Modeling Trick

I was quite confused when I first heard about of the trick. The anonymous young man that modeled for Calvin Klein described it in vague terms to me, and as I didn’t possess the suitable equipment, I couldn’t really picture it. 

"Tuck your penis straight down between your legs. Straight down. Grab your testicles along with your penis, and lift them up and out. Don't let your testicles stick towards your bum. Pull your underwear back up gently. "

Anonymous Underwear Model

Suffice to say, I was pretty confused about it, and had to ask my boyfriend to explain the theory to me in a more concise way. The trick involved enhancing the look of your package manually by buffing out your balls, and semi-fluffing your member. I actually recommend taking a look at our guide on the best enhancing underwear for men as that makes the work way easier. PS: This is actually what actual models wear too when they’re modeling swimwear as it makes their dick look downright prehensile.

Here’s a vague explanation about the move with some hand gestures. Hopefully that’ll help, but I didn’t gain much from that.

Want to appear even bigger easily?

Get yourself a better pair of underwear that actually makes you look bigger with not hassle. They have special pouches that holds your junk together, and helps you to present your junk better to potential viewers. Another good selection is a pair of C-Ring underwear, popularized by the famous Andrew Christian underwear brand. It works by encircling your scrotum and penile base with a soft strap, and achieving the lifting part of the trick seamlessly. 

And if you’re actually big down there, chances you’re here to look for the best underwear to support your well-endowed manhood. Doing the tuck and lift trick will help your junk to breath more easily too, and having a good pair of underwear certainly helps!

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