Rules for Wearing Swim Trunks

Rules for Wearing Swim Trunks You Need to Know (5 Most Useful Tips)

Do your swim trunks fit you well? Well, that’s not all you need to know about wearing swim trunks. There are certain rules for wearing swim trunks. And I bet that you don’t know all of them. Don’t worry; there’s always something you don’t think of when wearing swimwear.

Swim trunks are go-to for most men. When the sun is crisp and shining, you’d also like to gear up for the summer season. They make an excellent pair of swim shorts that pair well with the best underwear for swimming. You won’t find any other type of short shorts that do.

You know you can’t wear formal pants to the beach. It’s a rule and no matter what you do, you can’t ignore it. So it’s only natural to want to learn the rules for wearing swim trunks.

5 Rules for Wearing Swim Trunks

#1 Don’t buy oversized trunks


Step away from old fashion trends and styles. Baggy swim trunks at the beach don’t look so stylish anymore. So if you’re wearing short shorts, it’s okay to show some skin. This means buying swim trunks that show some thigh. Perhaps a few inches above the knees.

The trick is to not look stubby or peanut-sized in your swim trunks. And that’s precisely how you’ll look if you wear oversized trunks.

Besides sitting and walking around in oversized trunks is uncomfortable. When the legs of the swim trunks are too wide, you look scrawny. And for a stylish look on the beach, there’s nothing worse than that!

#2 Never wear them wet


If you plan on swimming, be it on the beach or public pool, make sure you get an extra pair. You can buy an extra pair of swimming underwear. As well as trunks that you know you can get out of easily.

The point is to feel comfortable and protected. Damp and soggy shorts cause chafing and feel incredibly uncomfortable. Materials like polyester or nylon are great choices. They dry quickly and are easy to get out of. Synthetic fabrics dry faster than cotton and offer incredible moisture-wicking properties.

#3 Skip the elastic band

An elastic waistband can make your belly look uncomfortable and too tight. Even if what you’re looking for is tight and board shorts like fit. Elastic waistbands are not the way to go. Especially if you want to look slimmer and stronger.

Opt for a drawstring waistband because it’s simpler to wear. It fits to your size and not the other way around. It also offers slimming and contouring properties. Elastic waistbands squeeze your gut, instead, and end up creating an extra flab around your waist.

#4 Choose the ideal length for you


The length of swim trunks is not the same for everybody. It’s different for short, taller, and average height men. The ideal length of any swim trunks is at least 3-inches above the knees.

This brings the length at around the mid-thighs for short men. And somewhere between mid-thigh and knees for tall men.

Tall people should avoid really short shorts. They look awkward and may ride up when you sit down. A wider waistband and slightly longer length is the way to go. Look for swim trunks that have a sporty cut or a customized design based on your body type.

#5 Never wear the same swim trunks

This is to say always keep more than one pair of swim trunks in your wardrobe. Swim trunks are generally worn out on the beach. So they attract a lot of salt from the air and in the ocean. Even from a public pool, chlorine can cause discoloration and thin.

That’s why it’s safer to buy more than one pair. You can keep alternating between each of them. And face less problems of the material look worn out or transparent quickly.

Final Thoughts

On that note, these rules for wearing swim trunks will keep you out of trouble. You won’t have to beat your brains out to wear comfortable and fitting swim trunks. There’s more to wearing swim trunks that protecting your nether regions.

It’s how you feel in them that also matters. By keeping your swim trunks dry, you can wear them for longer. And skip all the unpleasant stuff like a tight waistband, baggy length, and chafing if it comes to that.


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