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What is the Best Underwear for Men with Big Packages and How to Choose Them?

There are some really worse things that could happen to your penis. But having a well-endowed penis isn’t one of them. It could be if you didn’t know how men with big packages buy their underwear.

This article talks about how to purchase fitting underwear. Not for the average-sized penis. But for men with big packages. So what is the exact measurement of an average-sized penis? Similarly, what is the measurement of a well-endowed penis? Let’s find out.

According to this article, the average-sized penis is up to 6.5 inches. And a well-endowed penis is between 7-10 inches. Phew! Now that you’ve got that out of the way. I’m sure you’re figuring out where you rank, right?

Well, if you are in fact doing that, what follows next is going to be of HUGE help! The last thing you need is to make these underwear mistakes by yourself and never learn.

What Type of Underwear to Wear?

1. Underwear with Separate Pouches


Separate pouches that do not hang outside the underwear. But they line the interior fabric to separate the shaft with the nuts if you know what I mean. You can opt for contoured pouch underwear. It provides comfort, support, and bulge. So you can show off your bulge without looking awkward.

Pouch underwear, as it’s called, comes with a unique fly system. You don’t have to struggle or dread going to the bathroom each time. It keeps removing your penis to pee and stays hygienic very simple and quick.

An interior pouch will keep your junk cool and dry. It’s the best underwear for men with big packages. For many reasons such as anti-chafing, moisture-wicking, and fighting skin infections. It’s the kind of underwear you never knew you wanted. But once you try it, it’s everything!

2. Wear Low-Rise Underwear


Contrary to popular trends, low-rise underwear offers incredible support. If you’re scared of the waistband riding low as you sit or stand, good underwear can fix that. Low-rise underwear can have the same properties as boxer briefs or trunks.

They stay dry and cool all day long. They have moisture-wicking properties. And they fit and shape your junk giving you plenty of support and comfort. Not to forget, low-rise underwear has a one-up because they offer more space.

You can opt for low-rise trunks, briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs. You don’t tighty-whities giving you grief when there are so many options for men with big packages.

How to Buy New Underwear?


Men with big packages can never think of going commando. And they shouldn’t! With so many options in underwear, going commando seems irrelevant and uncomfortable.

If you’re finding it hard to buy underwear for yourself. That’s not because there isn’t any underwear for your package. It just means you’re looking for it the wrong way. Now that you know what type of underwear to buy. What comes next is to choose the right style and fit.

1. Material

You have modal, cotton, spandex, nylon, polyester, and bamboo. Cotton is the most common underwear material. It’s soft, breathable, and light. For men with big packages, it can offer plenty of space and ventilation. Especially during hot and humid weather conditions.

Modal ranks the best for its soft quality. Modal underwear acts like nylon but without the support. You don’t experience chafing, itchiness, or sweating down there. And definitely, not a swamp crotch which I know can be very annoying and embarrassing.

Synthetic fabrics like spandex or polyester are modern. They offer incredible support and are lighter in weight than cotton. The best option for men with pack a punch and want to show that off. Offering contouring, enhancement, and shaping. They are average in sweat and moisture control.

Nylon makes up for the moisture-wicking factor. Most gym wear including shorts, tees, and leggings are made up of nylon. It keeps itself dry no matter how much you sweat.


2. Style

Style is the cut and length of the men’s underwear. Such as trunks, mid-rise briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers.

Trunks are a cross between briefs and boxer briefs. They can provide support for men with packages. But only if you buy low-rise trunks. High-rise or mid-rise can cause a ‘wedgie’ which means it rides up and wounds up between your buttocks.

Briefs are known for their handsome appearance and fit. It keeps everything in place. With just enough room for movement and tightness for support.

Boxers are comfortable and offer plenty of space. Perfect for men with big packages to wear at home. The drawback to boxers is that you couldn’t wear it under tight jeans. Long and loose trousers or pants are essential.

Boxer briefs are a hybrid between boxers and briefs. Most boxer briefs come with separate pouches. So they’re comfortable, breathable, and supportive. What more do you need?

Taking Care of Your Underwear


The biggest killers of underwear are fabric softener and hot dryer. Fabric softener can loosen the strings of microfiber over time. This can cause fading of color, sagging and wrinkling of the material, and stains. Fabric softeners leave color residues behind which shows immediately on a light-colored underwear

The hot dryer is an obvious one. Underwear is a thin and delicate fabric. Expose it to warmth and heat, it will lose color really fast. Heat also kills the firmness of a waistband. The waistband is made of elastic and it burns and loses its shape under heat.

Taking care of your underwear is important. It might feel like that extra step but it affects how you feel while wearing it. After all, you’re wearing it to cover and protect what’s important to you. So why skip something just out of laziness or indifference?

Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t be hard for men with big packages to dress to impress. But not in a way that causes you discomfort and pain. There’s no reason to frown at the thought of wearing underwear. A well-endowed penis needs extra support and comfort than traditional underwear.

Buy the correct underwear and feel confident about your size and your body. You have no idea how positively it can affect you and your lifestyle. And if you’re looking to impress your sexual partner, don’t feel shy.

The right underwear will offer shape and support without being awkwardly revealing. The next most important feature is coverage. If there isn’t enough coverage, how will you move around and feel relaxed? Underwear should make you feel as if you’re not wearing any underwear at all.


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