Boxer Briefs Size Chart

Boxer Briefs Size Chart You Need to Know (What are Boxer Briefs?)

The thing about boxer briefs is that they’re compatible with all body shapes. The hybrid design of the underwear combines a close and comfortable fit. The close part comes from briefs and the comfort comes from boxers. So it only makes sense to want to know the correct boxer briefs size chart.

The phrase “the best of both worlds” seems perfect for the boxer brief construction. The extra fabric covers most of your thigh region. At the same time, your genitals feel well-supported and super-comfortable. Not a thing is either too loose or too tight. But that’s only if you choose the right size.

What Are Boxer Briefs?


The style offers slightly more coverage in comparison to boxers. But the baggy look is eliminated. Boxer briefs are great for your workout sessions. And that’s because they provide a lot of protection and support.

The waistband of boxer briefs sits slightly above the hips. But it’s lower than full-rise briefs. So such a design can accentuate your stomach, thus forming a muffin top. This means boxer briefs might not be an ideal choice for you if you’re tummy-conscious already. In that case, you should pick another form of underwear.

Briefs vs. Boxers


The shape and fit of the underwear really matter. Keeping that in mind, how do briefs and boxers compare? I mean how do you decide which option is better for you? At such times, prioritize nothing but comfort.

Underwear should always be comfortable as well as breathable. When it’s both, the undergarment feels gentle against the skin. The proper shape and fit also flatter your body type.

Most men feel the most comfortable in boxers. And that’s great because boxers are the most comfortable type of men’s underwear. But tell me one thing though. Would you wear a suit to the gym? Of course not, right? What I’m trying to say is that boxers are not suitable for all kinds of scenarios. And for those times, briefs work best.

Boxer Briefs Size Chart

So what size boxer briefs should I wear? Here’s the chart you’ve been looking for…

WAISTBAND (in inches)WAISTBAND (in centimeters)EU SizeUS Size
30 – 3276 – 813XS
31.5 – 33.580 – 854S
34 – 3686 – 915M
36 – 3892 – 976L
38.5 – 40.598 – 1037XL
41 – 43104 – 1098XXL
43 – 45110 – 11593XL
45.5 – 48.5116 – 123104XL
49 – 53124 – 135125XL
53.5 – 58136 – 147146XL

If you want to pick underwear that fits you perfectly, then accurate measurements are a must. And the chart above introduces you to the correct sizes, to begin with.

Now you should know that underwear sizes in America generally vary between extra-small and 6XL. As for the European sizes, the range starts from 3 and goes all the way to 14.

To be honest, there’s no universal rule when it comes to underwear size. Each manufacturer sets its own parameters. So a medium size of one brand can easily be a small size of another.

But the good news here is that the manufacturer prints most of the numbers on the tag. So if the EU or US size is confusing, then you can check the measurement of the waistband mentioned in inches and/or centimeters.

Determining what size fits you involves taking many factors into consideration. Such as the underwear not riding up or twisting. Along with not digging into your skin or constricting your movements! To avoid all of this, as I already told you, accurate measurements are crucial.

The perfect fit always comes with a comfortable waistband. So don’t downplay the importance of measuring your waist correctly. The measuring tape you should wrap around your stomach. It’s where the previous underwear’s waistband has left its mark.

At the time of measuring, don’t hold your breath or contract your abdomen. There’s no sense in trying to make the waist look smaller. Otherwise, comfort gets compromised. After all, comfort matters more than the size labels of underwear.

After taking the waist measurement, simply refer to the chart I’ve included above. In that chart, both European and US sizes are mentioned. So you have both options at your disposal.

There’s No Universal Standard Size Anymore


The first rule about choosing the correct size is knowing that there isn’t a universal size for men’s underwear. Or women’s, as a matter of fact. What I’m trying to tell you is that each manufacturer defines the parameters of size in its own way. On top of that, there are country-specific differences too.

For instance, the Italian and French brands set lower values in terms of sizing. So it’s common sense to assume that Italian and French made underwear is smaller, on average than German underwear. Even if all three are labeled the same size. Do you understand me?

You should also know that underwear designs vary from one manufacturer to another. Classic briefs manufactured by brand A is likely to be smaller in comparison to the same size classic briefs designed by brand B.

However, irrespective of such differences, it’s important to find out the correct “average” size for yourself. In that case, specific measurements are necessary. These increase your chances of ending up wearing underwear that fits well and feels comfortable.

Take into Account the Size of Your Upper Body Too

Not all men have the same type of physique, right? Some men have a stocky body. Some are skinny. Some look muscular at the top but with a slender lower half. And the others have a narrow set of shoulders with a rounded belly region.

This explains why there’s a huge spectrum of a difference between sizes for underpants and undershirts for men.

If your physique is more on the athletic side, then you require t-shirts larger than your briefs. And as for those with a wider stomach area and narrow shoulders, your tops have to be smaller than your bottoms.

Big Men, Long Underwear

When looking at the boxer briefs chart, you have to also take your height into consideration. Are you taller than average? If yes, then I’m sorry for the trouble you have to go through to find proper-fitting undergarments. For your longer limbs and torso!

It’s a shame that brands still manufacture underwear based on the old average size. However, many Italian brands design long-legged underwear. And these differ from the other European manufacturers by quite a few centimeters.

The End

Choosing the correct underwear does not seem like such an important decision I know. Whether male or female! To be honest, it only matters if you end up putting on underwear that makes you feel uncomfortable all day long. That’s when you think of re-evaluating your underwear decisions.

The thing about boxer briefs is that they’re designed for total comfort and support. So picking the right size only makes sense. Otherwise, the whole point of choosing boxer briefs over other types of underwear gets compromised. And for proper size, you need accurate measurements and the correct size chart.

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